Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 2014: Alice. lots of Alice.

Alice started playing soccer! she is so cute doing it but really doesn't like it. it makes me laugh. she tells me the whole time after "i'm just so tyyyy-yaaahhd." this kid. my favorite part about the program is Coach Tafa -- she is a Brazilian soccer player whose sister is on their Olympic team and she is phenomenal! i especially love how she calls Alice "Alex" every week... i don't think Alice appreciates it as much as i do.

she still loves gymnastics and is actually a natural gymnast. it's amazing how flexible she is! she recently did the high beam for the first time and didn't even look afraid. i love watching her do gymnastics more than just about anything!

she looks so much older these days. she's losing that baby toddler chub and turning into that little preschooler. crazy how fast that happens without you even realizing it. she is riding Ellie's old bike with training wheels now. she loves that thing with the baby seat in back. M is convinced she's gonna be riding sans training wheels soon, and i'm all like, drrrreeeamm on buddy! Alice does things when she wants and she does not seem to be anywhere NEAR wanting to go on her own. she moves like a turtle on that thing! an adorable turtle. but still.

we are still doing joy school together. oh man, it's the cutest bunch this year! Alice Waltman, Tate French, Peter Smith and our Alice. they are so laid back and chill- it's so fun to be doing it with the almost exact group we did it with when Ellie was in it. it's funny to see how all of us moms have really settled down since we first started. these kids really are a dream together though! i love them all.

i realize that my moments with little Alice as my one and only buddy are getting numbered. it honestly makes me sad because she has been my lil lover who has been by my side when everyone else left. she's seen me through some pretty gray days and i've grown to love our one-on-one moments and conversations. just the other day we went on a walk to the park. i pushed her in the stroller and she just talked and talked and talked and i just listened. in my journal i wrote about how i pushed her on the swings and she kept saying "high-ah! high-ah!!" just like the little girl in Leslie Patricelli's book does. i love remembering that cute moment of her giggling as i pushed her as high as i possibly could (without making myself wanna hurl over with this big ole belly). those swings are her very favorite thing and i love when i get the chance to just spoil her to death with as many endless pushes as she wants.

Alice's happy place these days is sitting at the kid table to draw pictures. i love that! she always has a story behind her pictures and is always coloring or painting or drawing for someone. it's the cutest thing! her artwork always impresses me, too! my favorite moment was catching her coloring her little heart out while she was dressed up as Cinderella, and hummed the whole entire time.  such a cute, creative little thing!

and i absolutely love her style and outfits. she is an original! she definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, and does NOT care if i don't approve of an outfit. in fact, my disapproval is more like a stamp of approval in her book! is that normal at 3??

from head to toe, i love her more and more every day. cute Alice Joy.


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