Friday, February 7, 2014

February 2014: Hartley Family Weekend for Elsa's Blessing

i flew to Utah for the weekend to be there for my little niece Elsa's baby blessing. she was born in December to Sean and Courtney and is the sweetest little thing! i'm so glad that i got to skip town for a few days and be there for it.

my sweet friend Sandi picked me up from the airport in Provo - and then we met up with wonderful Becca at Zupa's for lunch. my favorite thing about going home to Utah is seeing my people! i love these humans so much and wish i could feel of their awesomeness more regularly.

then my mom met up with us down in American Fork with Court and her girls - and we got to go do some errands together at Trolley Square while catching up. i love these cute nieces of mine!

of course, no trip home is complete without stopping at Tasty's to get my favorite powdered sugar donut.....and a double blueberry...because who can ever have just one? the best part of going to Tasty's is that you always, always, ALWAYS run into someone you know. this time's kaysville celebrity siting: none other but the wonderful Emily Craghead!!! it was so fun seeing her with her fam. how is it possible that so much hilarity resides in one human? i'll never know.

 one of the best parts of going husbandless/kidless on a trip is sharing the bed with Mims. good times. goooooood times.

we got to just chill at Sean & Courtney's house and be with each other and the kids, which was so nice - especially because usually i am so distracted with my own kids that i don't get to focus on my nieces and nephews. but not this time! they got alllll my love. it was a nice change!

 little Elsa, the queen of the weekend

the day of the blessing:

so fun to see so much family - Marianne and her son Andrew with my mom.

delicious food and treats as always, and Aubrey - Courtney's sister, and girls' favorite aunt! (sniff)

my uncle Lane & Karen & cousin Kelly, plus baby Bennet, my cousin Ben's son.

my beautiful sis + my beautiful cousin Sarah - who were totally laughing and making fun of someone or something but it was too long ago so now i don't remember.

and my favorite moment of the afternoon: when Rosalie picked up the guitar and sang Let it Go at the top of her lungs. she's so hilariously cute and spunky!

i also love hearing my brother play - he is a master at the guitar! he played "free fallin" - the John Mayer rendition and i lovvved it. he's just so good.

and most of the family that came- love this group of humans so very much!

all in all, a great weekend with my fam. sometimes it's fun to hang with the original crew -- even if it does feel like parts of you are missing (weird how that happens as you get older). love this crazy family of mine that explains so much of my personal crazy! 


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