Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Traditions 2012: elf on the shelf (aka 'Funny Tom')

one of my very favorite Christmas Traditions that we started last year is the elf on the shelf tradition. it has been all the rage this year, Christmas 2012! so fun to see other moms and their creative spins on the idea (especially via instagram). the possibilities are endless, i tell you what!

the first day that our Elf came, he made us a delicious breakfast (he had to earn the hearts/trust of our girls, you know!), complete with santa pancakes, chocolate chips and whipped cream. it was a totally easy sell, and Ellie immediately spouted out, "i wanna call him...FUNNY TOM!" and so it stuck. Funny Tom, it was.

honestly, there wasn't a night in December that i didn't go to bed excited and/or laughing myself to sleep-- M and i had so much fun coming up with ideas and tricks that we could play on the girls (friendly ones of course) via Funny Tom.

here's a peek into some of our ideas (the ones i photographed) this year.
such a lil sneak, that Funny Tom!

 and my personal favorite...a lil dance party, YMCA style. that Funny Tom is cray cray.

can't wait to see what this lil guy has up his sleeve for Christmas 2013!
(oh yes, you'd better believe i'm already scheming!)


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Tiffany said...

haha I love your ideas!!! I'm gonna have to remember some of them for next year! those santa pancakes are so cute!