Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Traditions 2012: all about Santa.

ironically, when we sat down to write letters to Santa this year, both girls started fighting. and they fought for at least an hour- stealing each others' pencils, scribbling on each others' letters, snatching the color chair that the other person wanted, and looking at the other person with a mean face (seriously).

the whole thing is quite comical to reflect upon- but was so odd in the moment to sit and watch. i mean, really, girls? you think this guy is gonna wanna bring you the junk you want when you're acting like THAT?


kids. i tell you what.

their letters/requests to Santa were so cute this year though. Ellie was very clear on what she wanted. her letter says: "Santa, I want a dog with a remote control. But not a real one! Love, Ellie I <3 santa.="santa." u="u">

i love that she felt the need to specify, "But not a real one!" as if some real dogs come with remote controls. kids brains are so funny.

Alice's request wasn't quite as clear. every time you'd ask her what she wanted for Christmas this year, she'd reply, "a present." and then you'd ask, "what kind of present?" and she'd say, "a purple one! i want a purple present!"

a little vague, no?

and so, i did what any mom who can foresee fighting and arguing over a new beloved toy would do: i convinced her that inside her purple present, she wanted a dog wit ha remote control, too.

going to see Santa was super enjoyable this year! the first time in my parenting experience that we had ZERO tears.....and not only that, we had genuine SMILES and happiness! it was pretty adorable, and so we HAD to buy the dumb picture that they crazily overcharge you for. tahdah:

lucky for us, Gammy had time on the day she left to come with us and wait to see Santa and tell him what our special requests were. it was so fun having her there to see how cute the girls were with the big man in red.

(oh, and they have fake snow at our Santa place. because in California, we have to pretend it's cold. poor us).

a few weeks later, Santa also made a special visit to our ward party. the girls were yet again, surprisingly happy and adorable with this guy. baffling, really.

but my favorite quote of them visiting with Ward Party Santa was from Ellie:
"Mom, i don't think that's the real Santa..."
"Why, Ellie?" i asked her.
"Because. it's just not."

she's getting year, i'm pretty sure she'll be saying things like "You're not the real Santa! You stink like beef and cheese! You sit on a throne of lies!"

...but until then, i'll enjoy their little, gullible cuteness.



Tiffany said...

haha, love the Elf reference ;) your girls are the cutest!

Amber said...

Great post to read. I love Christmas letters!