Sunday, October 21, 2012

Alice Week: Alice is funny.

so, i've totally slacked on Alice week.

i'm sorry.

we've just been too busy partying/getting ready for partying for me to give this blogging week thing the full attention it deserves. and let's be honest, i haven't exactly been a model-blogger the last few months. thinking i could blog every day in a row was being a little too generous with my slackerness as of late. but whatev. i still have more to say. and it's not like someone can give me an F on this project or something. so. yeah.

Alice is funny.

oh man you guys. this kid makes me laugh so much. she does the funniest things! like one day, she went around the entire morning wearing Mr. Potato Head glasses, and she called them her "sunglasses." she was genuinely upset when i made her take them off to go down for her nap.

 this story is kinda embarrassing for me, but it is one of those that made me laugh really hard so i'm going to share it in spite of it making me look dumb. so after a long day last week, i unbuttoned my pants like i often do at the end of the day. a little while later, i was on the floor picking up all the DVD's we own in our front room (for the 10th time that day. blast those dang DVD's). i hear Alice's voice right behind me yelling her head off: "Mom!!! MOM!!! MOMMMM!??" to which i replied, "yes Alice?" and she said, "Mom- you naked." and then she giggled, tickled my back to where i had an embarrassing plumber's crack (i had unbuttoned my pants, remember!?). it was so hilarious.

(i'll leave that incident unpictured. because even if i did have a picture of it, that is just getting wayyyy to fresh with all of you peeps out there in cyberspace).

we have this funny game we play with Alice where we say, "Hi Alice Monkey!" and then she says back, "i not a MONKEY!" or "Hi little alligator!" and she says, "I not a alligator, I A-yice!"  my favorite was on her birthday when i said, "Alice! it's your birthday! you're such a cute birthday girl!" and she said, "i not a birthday girl! i a A-yice!"  i love her little voice. anyway, we have the monkey one on video. such a cutie.

on my birthday, Ellie had preschool- and M took the day off, so we had some rare one-on-one Mom/Dad time with Alice. she was darling... and wore this beanie/hat/sunglasses/rainboots combo the whole time we were out and about. i love how determined she was to wear this funny ensemble...but that a two year old can make anything look cute! anyway,  one place i wanted to go was Sephora-- and Alice is obsessed with lipstick/makeup so she was in heaven. they gave me a free lip-gloss set for it being my birthday and so i gave one to Alice. we came out of the store and she said, "yook Mom! take a pickcha!" and made this adorable lil pose. funny, sassy lil thing, applying lipstick with a popped hip in front of Sephora!

yesterday, Alice and Ellie were playing in our backyard with daddy while i picked up inside. i heard Alice's cute little voice right there and looked up to find her pressing her face against the screen. "Mom! yook at me!" she said proudly. i was so glad that i had my phone within reaching distance to catch that smooshed little piggie nose against that filthy screen.

anyway, i could seriously go on and on about the funny things this little human does, but i'll stop. just know that one of my very favorite things about lil miss Alice is how much she makes me laugh. she truly does fill my life (and our lives) with so much joy!


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Allie said...

The mister potato head glasses cracked me up! I love her, she's like a martian.