Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Part of Your World"

for several weeks, Alice has been having a hard time going to sleep (and even staying asleep in the night, but that's another story). we'll do our normal bedtime routine- play extra hard, read books, sing songs, snuggle and give lots of hugs and kisses, and say prayers (if we're on our A-game). they'll beg for more songs and more hugs, but eventually, we just gotta get out of there- and i just need some peace for a second or two. Alice will scream her guts out- Ellie in turn had been screaming her guts out back at her, creating a gigantic mess. Ellie eventually would come out like 6 times, escalating / elongating the problem...and having us give ridiculous threats/privilege losses...M even threatened for her to sleep in the garage. man, bedtime = nightmare.

last week sometime, when the normal screaming escapade began, we told Ellie that screaming at Alice to stop crying probably wasn't the best option. we told her that maybe she should ask her nicely to stop crying, and then sing to her, and Alice might stop.

it was a genius solution. (love when that happens)

for the past several nights, Ellie will start to do her normal panic/yell back at Alice...and then remember. she'll then ask her nicely, "please sweetie. don't cry. i'll sing you a song." and then she'll go on to sing to Alice.

you guys! it is so so so sweet.
she sings "Twinkle Twinkle," "Down by the Bay" (to which Ellie says the most ridiculous things and they both laugh hysterically -- super cute), and the aforementioned house-favorite "Part of Your World." two nights ago, i noticed that Ellie knew (almost) all the words perfectly (aside for the ones that she puts other lyrics in because she doesn't know that word- i love that). do you guys know that song very well? well, if you don't, it is LONG! and she knows the WHOLE thing! so last night, while we were picking up/getting ready for bed, i asked Ellie if she'd sing it for me. our little performer very willingly obliged (as long as she could wear her Ariel dress-up and hold her Ariel doll)- and i just had to share.

it's a little long, but so cute - (meant especially for the grandmas out there).

(ps pay attention to Alice interjecting her little voice in a few times...)

i love little kids so much.



Liz said...

What a great solution to the screaming problem. I think I need to try it!

Thank you Ellie for singing for the world! That was the most adorable thing and made my day. Holly and JD were grinning from ear to ear! Such a sweetie!

Tia said...

I found myself singing along with her! What super cute little ones you have, they're so lucky to have a mom like you to make sure Disney is in their life so much!

Elyse Beard said...


The end, amen

Kelli Marshall said...

that is awesome! what a cutie!

Lynne said...

That was priceless! I'm so glad you got it on video. What a sweet solution to a difficult problem. I love those little girls.

Tiffany said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, first off, let me say if ANYONE knows the words to every disney song, its me. I could sing this entire song for you right here right now. ANd she seriously has it down PERFECTLY! She even pauses in all the right places and has all the little talking parts down and says them in the same tone and expression as Ariel! LOL!!!!! CUTEST VIDEO EVER! (I'm with Elyse...all caps required in that statement!)

Jessica said...

Wow she's really good! I see a lot of choir concerts in your future. :)

Emily said...


i love little performers soo much & her pitch and timing is spot on.

well done, litle ellie, girl. i'm so impressed!