Friday, June 29, 2012

i love joy school.

i think i've made it pretty clear on my blog how much i love joy school. this year was the first year that i was with a group that actually followed the "joy school curriculum" -- and i totally condone it! it was so perfect for Ellie and her stage of life; learning social skills and core values that i think are so important for kids to know (more important than colors and shapes, in my opinion). we were in the best group with the three cutest little girls and cutest moms- it honestly was one of those little blessings from heaven for Ellie and me this year.

last week we had a little graduation for these cute girls- and it was adorable! they are just the cutest little squirts ever.

highlights of graduation:
-casual bbq with awesome fellow-joy school families

-girls playing like they're each other's bff's (they pretty much are!) and their siblings joining in on the fun, too (i can't wait to have a huge play structure in my yard someday, by the way).

-getting to wear their very own graduation caps (Ellie thought that was pretty awesome)

--the cutest little program including: singing in their cute lil graduation caps,  a sweet little slide show of pictures from throughout the year (which i'll share at the end of this post), presenting them their diplomas and report cards, followed by some serious hugging and celebration (it is a BIG deal to be a joy school graduate, people!).

(note: Alice kept getting up through the program to stand with the girls and even sing the songs. she definitely feels like she's one of the big kids. cutie pie)

-Ellie would tell you that her favorite part of the graduation was the cupcakes. and let me tell you, they WERE pretty amazing. and look how cute they were, too!

-these are the cute moms that i got to see every week all year long- and who were Ellie's teachers. they have all become such good friends whom i love and admire so much! (sorry for the wonky picture/expression of me- my camera was being weird that day. and this was the only one that wasn't blurry that i got. whatevs).

-then somehow all the girls ended up in dress-ups

-and Alice started flashing everybody

-and hi-jacking the graduation caps

-and so we decided to go home, where i obviously had to have a lil photo shoot with Ms. Ellie, the Joy School Graduate. Alice didn't want to be left out- so she snuck in a couple. little stinker.

-oh, and this is the little slide show i made for the graduation. it was super simple- but i'm happy with how it turned out!

can't wait to do Joy School with Alice!

and as for Ellie, now she's onto Pre-School in the fall! she's thrilled about that- and i'm thrilled for her, even though i know that means that she's just continuing to grow up exponentially fast. sigh. such a smart, sweet, & sassy big girl she's turning into!



Jenny said...

Cute slideshow! I turned it on and both my girls pulled up a chair :)

{amy k.} said...

so adorable! what a fun age! your girls are so cute!

Waltman said...

Marci you're the best blogger. And you did an amazing job with the slideshow/ graduation.
Joy school with Alice and Alice in a year?

Linda said...

I am always learning from you .
Congratulations to our little graduates... and the mamas who made it all possible.... and the baby siblings who tag along and make them look even cuter as if that was possible. YOu are all doing an outstanding job! I think many grown ups out there need to go to JOY school~ the world would be a better place. Proud, proud, proud. Can't wait to see you and hug you and love you in person!

Liz said...


Emily said...

i'm pretty sure the nice joy school teacher, to your left in the 'wonky' photo that you actually look adorb's in, is an old neighbor of mine. is her name candace? crazy. and all this is presh.