Saturday, October 29, 2011

right now..

right now we have 17 mini pumpkins scattered around our house. Ellie and Alice are obsessed with mini pumpkins and almost always have one in their hands.

right now i should be planning sharing time for tomorrow.

right now i have 189 unread posts in my blogger. and like a bajillion emails to go through.

right now my kitchen table looks like this:

right now i feel like an Olympian that  my MIL and some incredible friends finished those blasted 28 felt pages in time for our exchange this morning.

right now i never want to look at felt again.

but right now, i'm so excited by how adorable the felt pages by everyone turned out. some people are so crafty and creative. once i have them all put together maybe i'll do a feature post. but then again, i've still never done a post about our yard or Alice's birthday (or her room, now that i'm thinking of it), so a feature post is a weak promise to make.

right now i'm loving Halloween-October Season. mostly because i love that i get to have an excuse to let the girls dress up all day every day and i'm not viewed as the "weird mom," but rather the fun one. 

right now i'm loving our trunk or treat pictures from last night- unfortunately i did not get any good individual pictures of us, ....but i will remedy that come Monday/trick-or-treating. it was a super fun family ensemble to do this year.

right now i am eating a huge bowl of chili thanks to an abundance of leftovers that i made for last night. i will be eating chili for a month.

right now i finished that bowl of chili (i took a little break...didn't want to drip on the computer) and am now eating yet another Reese's peanut butter cup. Halloween candy is going to be the death of me and my figure.

right now i'm freaking out trying to put together outfits for family pictures next Friday. i mean really, this shouldn't be so hard. but for me it is. because i am indecisive -- and i really want us to look cute.

right now i am so freaking excited because my sister in law is about to have a baby, and they just changed their thanksgiving plans to go to Southern Cal (instead of their previous plan which included my parents/sister going to Texas for Thanksgiving, and us staying here)- which means we get to go to Southern Cal, i get to see my fam again sooner than i expected, and i get to meet my new niece and snuggle her in less than a month.

right now i want to go back to bed. and it's only 3:00 pm. but staying up till 2 am and 3 am the last three or four nights is seriously making me wonky.

right now it's amazingly silent in my house (though it looks like a war-zone around here) and so i think i just might go back to bed.

sharing time can wait, right?



Jenny said...

Love the Alice costumes!! You deserve 10 naps for all that hard work this week.

Kristy said...

Right now I'm thinking how awesome you are. Right now I can't stop thinking about peanut butter cups. Right now I'm thinking about how I don't have to do sharing time until December. Right now I'm thinking about how getting ready for this blasted primary program is going to do me in. Right now I'm thinking we need to get some family pictures done! And right now I'm giving you a virtual hug and giving you permission to go to bed early tonight! Loves, friend!

Linda said...

If I was there, r if you were here.... I would play with your hair till you went to sleep.
The pictures plus words were the best part of my day!
Love you and call you maƱana,
I am off to bed myself.

Kris said...

1. great job on finishing those felt pages... I get tired just thinking about it.
2. Love the old Singer sewing machine! I have three different sewing machines (complicated reasons) and my old school singer is my favorite - it's SO solid.
3. Good luck with outfits... I just did that last week and Old Navy SAVED me. I go crazy choosing outfits.

Megan said...

I always love your choice of themed outfits! And this year is no exception! I always want to do that with our little family, too - but it just never works out. Not yet, anyways ;)