Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hair dilemmas.

so i'm getting my hair cut for the first time since before Alice was born.
yes, it's been over eight months.
(sidenote: you read that right, little Alice is eight months old today. what a cute little squish. this is a shot of my bathing beauty in her little pin-striped sunsuit after a morning at the pool. does anyone know how to freeze time?)

anyway. it just hurts me too much to throw down just under 100 bucks out here for a haircut and style. i mean, really? you've gotta be kidding me. i miss my $30 haircut days in Utah with my same hairstylist (and friend) who i saw since i had braces.
but, my anniversary is this weekend and my goal is to look smokin' hot.
so a haircut is necessary.
a couple of years ago, i asked you friends for hair advice.
and you were awesome.
so here i am again.
because right now i'm lookin' mangy.
make me over, will ya?

the deets:
so my bangs are all grown out.
should i cut 'em back?
like my beauty idol, zooey?

or a little choppy bang 'do like reese (though don't you think those would get annoying in your eyes after like ten seconds?)

or is the long-no-bangs look more "in"- like Sandra. man, she's in GORGEOUS.

i love long hair on me because i have such a freakin young face...
but should i try shorter?
for summer?
or is that only hot on Germany's sexiest model to ever live?

i obviously have no clue and need some serious help.

so basically my Q is:
chop it?
bangs or no bangs?

your help will be much appreciated in my venture to look like a sexy wife with hot hair...
instead of a run-down mom with spit-up and ketchup in my hair that's tied in a knot on the top of my head.

*note: my hair appt is tomorrow at 1 pm. so this is a time-sensitive request. hopefully i will post some hot-mama after shots in the afternoon maƱana...assuming i look like a hot mama (fingers crossed). gracias in advance for your hair opinions and expertise!



Miss Morgan said...

Let's be honest you are so dang cute you could do anything. I vote the zooey-ique look on you! Love the bangs. You could rock the short hair, but I love your long locks!

Tammy said...

OOOO I love Zooey as well. For the record, I have had the choppy longer in your eyes bangs, and it seemed that they bugged all my little old patients and not me... you get used to them. You look great with long hair, I tend to keep cutting mine... I say Zooey bangs with the longer hair (but I am going to snake your Heidi Klum short hair pic...!)

Kristi said...

I have to say - I usually think shorter hair cuts make people look older & more energetic. On MOST people (not all). I say go short for a big change! :)

Elyse.Beard said...


Mat and Brooke said...

I'm with Kristi on this one. Although you're very beautiful with long hair! Change is good. There's so much energy in change!!! If you're brave enough to do it, I'd take a step out into the "dark" and cut it off for the summer! I mean, hair grows...right?! :)

Allie said...

I love your long hair, but I do know how much work long hair is. (Which is why I never do mine.) That's a tough one. I say don't cut very much off, but do go for the Zoey bangs!

Allie said...

And happy eight months, Alice! She looked too cute for words in her little swimsuit today!

Megs said...

I could just squeeze little miss alice. Goodness. As for hair...I'm the wrong person to be giving advice because I chopped ALL my hair off. Literally. BUT - it felt awe-some. And it was easy...different...liberating...and now I'm on my way to growing it back. But it was fun! Short hair is fun and YES - hair grows back. Now I'm excited to try all new lengths on my way back to long. And my hubby LOVED it short because it was NEW. But I {heart} Zooey with a passion, so you can't go wrong!

Linda said...

I love long hair that is shiny and healthy like yours. I would start with the bangs.... and if you are still itchy for a bigger change....then go for it!
Happy 8 months to our beautiful Alice! Happy Anniversary honey! You are one of my favorite couples ever.

Becca said...

I say go with the zoey bangs. You look super cute with short bangs like that. Plus you can keep your long hair and it still looks "done" even when you pull it up. You know what I'm saying yo? Remember when I cut all of my hair off? I liked it for about a day and then I wanted my long hair back. ha

So I love Ellie's room. It turned out so cute! I love all the little details you did. You're cool :)

Ps. Bryant's driving me nuts. Just thought you should know that your kid isn't the only one in time out ALL THE TIME. ha. Good times.

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