Sunday, May 8, 2011

is your mama a llama?

that was one of my top 5 favorite books growing up. and now that i'm a mom, i realize that it was probably one of my faves because of the way my mama read it to me.

and so now i read it to my baby girls. and i'm pretty sure it will be one of their faves too.

i love my mama.
and i love being a mama, too.



Courtney said...

That picture of you totally looks like Ellie, she really got your genes strong!

Megs said...

Is that YOU in the first picture?! All this time I thought Ellie looked more like Mike (I tend to think little girls often look a lot like their daddy) and I love it when they look more like their mommy - because Ellie is you...only younger. ;) So cute!

Jenny said...

You look a lot more like your mom than I realized! And your baby girls look a lot like you!!

I hope you had a fabulous Mothers Day with your momma! You need to come home soon though!

Faye said...

So fun to see the picture of you and your Mom and see how much you look like her and Ellie looks like you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I had to do a double-take to make sure I wasn't looking at Ellie! Goodness, that girl is a mini-you for sure!!!

Love mama llama. LOVE.

Allie said...

Total family resemblance! Some gorgeous ladies too.

Kris said...

Holy cow, your girls look just like you when you were little!