Friday, April 8, 2011

bare bums and such.

on to day 2 of home-lock-down, bare bum style.
aka potty training.
aka i'm losing my mind.
potty training may be easy for some.
but around here, it is not.

so, we've got nothing but the essentials goin' on around here:

and of course, the cute bare bum to do the business:

insert a few tears, wet spots, and extra bribes, and we're good to go.
though exhausted, we ended day one in good spirits.

goals for today:
1. convince Ellie out of her bare bumness and into undies.
2. be patient.
3. have more successes (in-the-potty's) than failures (out-of-the-potty's).
4. be patient.
5. smile and be encouraging.
6. be patient. even if that means spending all. day. long. in the bathroom.
7. be patient.

fingers crossed that day two forecasts just as many cuddles and smiles as day one, and not so much precipitation...
if you know what i mean.



Chelsie Clarke said...

bahahahaha love this.

Jenny said...

oooh...good luck!! i'm happy that potty training is a distant memory for now :)

Mat and Brooke said...

If you're super, duper lucky like me, it will take a good. solid. year. to convince your child that wetting in their pants six times a day really isn't very cool!! :) :) :) Just kiddin', Marce. Ellie is a cute lil' smarty pants and she'll have it down in no time! (If I'm guessing correctly, it may be her stubbornness will be the tricky part for you!)

Good luck!

Torrie and the girls said...

GOOD LUCK! I had to wait until Emma was ready because she drove me crazy before then.

Savannah said...

Awesome! hang in there! the payoff is sweet even though it takes lots and lots and lots of patience, like you said, and practice to get to {not quite but almost} perfect :) we really liked the sticker chart, too--when she did well, she got a sticker, and then periodically on the chart I marked when she could get a special treat like an ice cream cone or special trip to the park, etc., so she could see her progress and work toward little goals. Anyways, just an idea for little independent people :) Good luck! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I loathe potty training. I seriously debated sending Aiden to my mom's and let her do the dirty work. Seriously.

Good luck! I've heard the 3-day method works wonders.

Linda said...

Oh my~ GOOD~ Stuff! This brings back many, many memories of YOU potty training. You are getting a taste of your own medicine! hahahaha But look at you now.... you are just fine.... wish I was there to encourage you in person. xoxoxox Proud of all of you!

Amber said...

My pediatrician says to remember that no one gets to adulthood without potty training, so your chances for failure are very very low.

You can do it!!!

anne said...

You are such a cute mom. I had a terrible time training Xander. He would poop in his underwear (I know it was on purpose because he knew exactly what he was doing) and I would get so frustrated. Finally I just left him alone and 2 months later he pretty much potty trained himself. Even through the night. :) So, even though it wasn't on my time table, he eventually got it. So, moral of the story...make sure she wants to go in the potty or there is going to be a lot of frustrated people. :) Just my experience though. I know you have a lot more patience than me.
Keep on keepin on, and good luck! :)

Tiffany Johnson said...

GOOD LUCK!!! You'll get through it I promise! Give Ellie a big hug for us!


Hale-O There said...

haha I love the bare buns! Looks like you have a great and fun system in place for success. Best of Luck. Does Ellie look a lot like your mom or am I seeing things?