Monday, February 7, 2011

welcome to love week: i love Sunday dresses.

so for years now i've oogled over my friend D-dawg's blog- especially when she does love week.
i always think to myself, i should do that. there are tons of things i love. and what a fun thing to get you through the bleakness of winter (though, yesterday it was like 78 degrees here. i know, it's ridiculously awesome).
but then i procrastinate...because i'm awesome at that, and i never ever do love week.
and i always always regret it.
well, regret no more, self!
welcome to love week.
each day through Valentine's day, i will tell you some of the things i love.
ok? ok.
enough jabbering.
lately, i love getting the girls dressed up for Sunday.
silly, i know.
but i do! i love how cute they look in tights.
i love the little black shiny shoes and the bows and headbands.
i love the frilly dresses.
unfortunately taking pictures on Sundays feels extra hard. is that true for you too? why is that? luckily, i do have a few to share...

{look how little Alice was! well, chunky, but little}

 {Christmas dresses}

{M is growing his hair out. that's all i'll say about that}
and of course, taking pictures on Sunday involves some pretty funny outtakes...maybe it's because they're dressed up that these pictures look extra funny to me. one can't be sure.

yes yes, i love Sunday dresses.
stay tuned all week long for some more of my favorite loves!



Jenny said...

LOVE love week! i seriously thought alice was a doll in one of those pictures. the last one of ellie on the slide is my fave

Courtney said...

That last picture is my favorite.

Liz said...

Can't wait to keep reading about all the things you love. Ellie always looks like a princess in nursery with her frilly dresses! Adorable!!

Montgomery Family said...

Thank you for making me laugh out loud on a Monday night at 9:40 when I have 22 college papers to grade yet I'm reading your blog instead! Those last several pictures just made my night!! Too funny and too cute!