Sunday, February 27, 2011

am i crazy?

the car's packed up (with nothing but the essentials).
on a whim.
and i'm headin' down south to disappear for the week.
a 7 hour drive by myself, with the girls, tomorrow at 5 am, all in the name of family.
am i crazy to be doing this?
i think yes.
pray for me that it's the good kind of crazy and that we make it in 7 ish hours instead of the 14 ish it took us over Christmas.
adios till Sunday!



Linda said...

yeahhhhh! I will pray for you! Be careful, take your time, enjoy the journey.... I can't wait to see your darling faces and can't wait to love on you! xoxoxoxox MOM and DAD

Kristi said...

Not crazy at all! I'd do the same thing if I were you. Even if the drive is crazy, you'll be so grateful you did it!! Have a great time!!!

Laura said...

Not crazy at all! I just got back from doing the very same thing - busy season retreat is what I like to call it. Rejuvenating, but crazy at times. At least it's different from the long, lonely hours. Have so much fun! And hang in there!

Kath said...

Love the pics of the "necessities". Hope the kids are mellow and well behaved:)and that the roads are clear. Happy travels and enjoy the fam time!