Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa baby

back in November we went to the mall and noticed Santa was there. this was like Nov 14 or about over-zealous. well, since there was no one there, i thought it would be good to warm Ellie up to the idea of Santa and just sorta let her check him out. Ellie was very skeptical of this creepy old dude-- and since there was obviously nobody there, he was pretty insistent upon holding her on his lap. she was not a fan. that was until he asked her the golden question, "What would you like for me to bring you for Christmas, Ellie?" she stared at him for a minute and then said with conviction, "a frog toy. and princess shoes."

ok then.

then she jumped off his lap, held my leg and said, "where's my princess shoes?"

um, how do you explain the concept of "later" or "next month" to a two year old??

fast forward to now:
Santa has become the most popular dude ever at our house.

it could be because Ellie is obsessed with the fact that he'll bring her any toy she wants...

or it could be because i am obsessed with manipulating Ellie to stop being so gosh darn naughty lately by telling her things like " Santa doesn't bring presents to little girls who scratch their sisters on the face." or "Santa is going to be so sad to see you yelling at me like that." or "Santa wants to bring you princess shoes sooooo bad... but he can't when you throw things like a crazy person."

(Ellie is so good at being two, it's not even funny).


so the other night we wrote letters to remind him what we asked him for a bazillion weeks ago. which means that i whipped out my kindergarten handwriting and had Ellie tell me exactly what she wanted to say.

she realllly wanted Santa to know that she can say all of her ABC's, and that she can draw circles, and smiley faces (yes the circles and smiley faces were drawn by Ellie.).

afterward, she was insistent that we put it in an envelope and send it to the north pole. so mail it, we did.

i like imagining what our mailman did with it... because of course i forgot to retrieve it before he came the next day.

so then we went and met Santa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom last weekend...because we didn't get a picture the first time way back when. she was so confused why we had to talk to him AGAIN if we already talked to him once AND mailed him a letter. "i already told him, Mama!", she'd say to me when i'd encourage her to tell him what to bring her.

which is true. she already told him.

so it comes as no surprise that Ellie would sit in the farthest spot away from Santa and cover her face with her sweater, because that way he might not see her.

and as always these days, Alice is just along for the ride. (same with us dorky parents).

one thing is for sure: Christmas is way more enjoyable with kids around.



Ashley Myntti said...

Merry Christmas, Marci!!! Thanks for the Christmas card. I love it! Love and miss you TONS!!!

Linda said...

So fun. ( laughing) Love the letter. You should have mailed it here. Did you ever figure out the shoe fiasco?
You two are the funnest parents ever. Love the pictures. And I have to say: " Yes!!!!.... Christmas is wayyyyy better when kids are around. Can hardly wait.
Love you guys,

Jana and Christopher said...

I'm glad the "Santa can't bring you this if you are naughty" is working for you. Kate informed me one day that she didn't want Santa to come because she wanted to be naughty! Gotta love your kids, and the cute/funny things they say.

Lacey Jay said...

can i just say i'm soooo glad someone else's kid is very good at 'being two' i thought i was going crazy for a second. i only wish the santa thing worked on mase! oh how i wish!

adorable post as always. just love your blog

Marshall Lynch said...

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