Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful list

- vegetable gardens
- bows and headbands (for the girls)
- Christmas music...and movies...and decorations...and stories...and food...ok, Christmas in general
- my bed, featuring our down comforter, of which M so lovingly refers to as the "Alaskan snow blanket"
- modern family...and specifically Phil Dunphy for being so hilariously adorable
- my warm socks on this frigid night (yes, I'm my worst nightmare...a California-weather-wimp. i think i may not have survived the Utah blizzard of 2010)
- music music music
- fresh basil and rosemary...mmmmm
- thank you and receiving...especially one that was just given to me by one of my cute beehives which referred to me as her bff
- my bffs
- sparkly lip gloss and eye shadow
- when Alice sleeps in increments of three hours or more
- disposable diapers
- the scriptures
- a warm meal. or unsoggy meal.
- Pandora - we're listening to the Christmas station's a beautiful thing
- good books
- being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
- my hands and feet
- mi familia- a dad who is witty, loyal, and generous beyond measure; a mom who is hilarious, thoughtful, original and has more love for human kind than any other person alive; a brother who can always make me laugh; a sister (his wife) who is domestic and the best mommy ever, my neice who us sweet and funny and has the cutest little face ever, a sister who is unique, creative and so fun to be around, inlaws who are kind, loving, adore my kids, and have taken me in as their own, and extended family on all ends that always have my back and are genuinely interested and concerned about me and my little family. i'm beyond blessed.
- root awakenings shampoo and conditioner by John Frieda. the eucalyptus is genius.
- wipes- we currently have 4 large containers filled throughout our house and three travel packs in my car. i love wipes.
- dangly earrings
- little newborn squeals and grunts and snorts while eating
- my warm shower every morning
- general conference talks
- the way Ellie talks right now
- Disney, for being the coolest company ever to exist
- my car, the swan, who is somehow still running, in spite of me
- maybelline mascara in the pink tube
- nice people
- anything and everything Costco
- our cute little 1955 house which we have made into a home
- M's job... even though it's more of a love-hate thing
- having my family live only 7 hrs away (even if LA does turn that number into 9 sometimes...dang LA)
- Ellies ballet class
- food- specifically bread, smoked gouda, and cheesecake...three things i just could not live without right now...but not together of course
- apple juice (on behalf of Ellie)
- markers, toys, and dress-ups (also on behalf of Ellie)
- my cameras
- my Young Women's calling
- Christmas being only one short month away
- our backyard with our own lawn
- photos
- the Disney Store
- joy school
- the park
- movies + buttered popcorn (extra butter, please)
- the sunshine and blue skies out my window this morning
- the razzleberry pie i just pulled out of the oven- my first homemade pie ever
- phone calls
- Target- I swear I keep them in business
- shoes- specifically my blue vans, my rainbows, my brown boots and my sexy grey heels.
- my beautiful little family: my best friend M- who is kind, genuine, and loving; my little best friend Ellie, who is curious, smart as a whip (are whips smart?), and sweet as honey; and my joy Alice, who snuggles me when I need snuggles, has smiles that melt my heart, and completes our lil family perfectly.

just a lil list of some things i'm thankful for today.

and that's not even the half of it. yes yes, i'm truly blessed. and for all of that and much, much more... i am truly grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Ashley Myntti said...

I am thankful for my friend Marci!!!!!

Linda said...

It was a JOY to talk to you and hear you voice which was music to my ears this morning! Have a good weekend... and will talk to you really, really, really soon in person. Besitos, Love your list! So YOU!