Saturday, October 30, 2010

the truth

::: the truth is i have a garbage can full of newborn poopie diapers that need to be taken out. oh and the kitchen trash too. and the recycling trash too. lots of trash.

::: the truth is i have laundry folded on top of my washer and dryer from the past week. i'm impressed with myself that it's folded. i wonder if it will ever put itself away. and i'm angry looking at my hampers already getting full again. even though there is a load in the washer and one in the dryer as i type. i don't remember ever doing this much laundry in my entire life.

::: the truth is i haven't been to the grocery store since the baby was born. yes, i'm starving my family. thank goodness for the wonderful dinners we've been blessed with this week. because i'm a huge slacker. and wonder how i'll ever do errands by myself with two kids. let alone cook. and clean. and nurse. and change two kids' poopie bums. and nurse again. and throw cheerios at the other kid. and still look half-decent. wow. i'm tired just thinking about it.

::: the truth is instead of cleaning up all the junk (ie little teensie weensie diapers, wipes, blankets, bouncer, pillows, nursing covers....whoa i forgot how much junk you take out for a little 8 lb squirt) that has accumulated in every single room of our house, i told M that we needed a family outing yesterday. to the pumpkin patch we went. i'm glad we neglected our responsibility to be....responsible. because being cooped up is making me coo-key. (how do you spell that? because i almost spelled it like coo-kie, but that spells cookie. hmmm). and getting out was fun. fresh air does a human good.

::: the truth is i'm currently addicted to "words with friends." does anyone else like this game/ have this app? M and i play each other. he is killing me right now. it is hurting my confidence. i love word games. especially at 3 am when my brain is too fuzzy to do something important but also needs to be awake for miss-eats-every-hour-in-the-middle-of-the-night-Alice.

::: the truth is i cried three times today. none of them for any real good reason.

::: the truth is i let Ellie dress up in whatever she wants whenever she wants lately. just to keep the peace. because she is in love with Alice, until she ruins whatever fun Ellie wants to me chasing her or getting her apple juice or picking her up (all while i'm feeding little Alice). so then i'll say, "Ellie, where is your princess dress/skirt/shoes, etc etc?" and she'll run and find something to put on. today, she was dressed up like Snow White for half the day, then her Halloween costume for the rest of the day.

{doing errands as "Ellie Snow White"}
yesterday, she spent the entire day looking like this:

...and instead of convincing her to wear something normal, i encouraged it by taking tons of pictures of it. i'm an awesome mom.

::: the truth is Alice likes to be held all the time. and i like to hold her all the time. i'm creating a monster. but it's just that i'm not used to such behavior...especially the fact that tears can be consoled by a little nuzzle in my arms. so bizarre. and yummy and warm and perfect on a cool fall day.

{i took this picture on my phone from Alice's photo-shoot on Tuesday. i'm dying to see pics!!}

::: the truth is i'm watching this week's Modern Family right now...for the fourth time. it's my favorite episode. and totally has me in the Halloween spirit. and Gloria's spanglish phrases were so hilarious...they reminded me of many "hilarious salad" / "chopped ham + cheese" moments that my own mama has had. (sorry everyone, that previous sentence probably only made sense to me and my mama.). it's coconuts how super delightful it was. (my favorite line from the show).

::: the truth is i'm missing social interaction tons these days. so to make up for lack of girl time, i am spending way too much time on facebook/reading blogs. i think it's because blogs and facebook make me feel like i have friends... like there is life out there..and that i had one at one point...i seriously need to get out of this computer rut because it can't be healthy. i can feel my brain turning to mush (like my mom used to say when we watched too much tv).

::: the truth is i opened the bag of halloween candy. and now i cant stop eating it. i honestly hope Alice is ok with me eating chocolate because i've had like 12 bite size butterfingers. side note: i hate the bite size ones- because they make you feel like they're so small- so then you just keep popping those "small" suckers in your mouth until you've eaten more bites than a king size candy bar. dang bite sizers.

::: and while i'm on the candy subject: the truth is skittles crazy cores are crazy delicious. they are my new vice. thank you bec for introducing meto their evil yumminess.

::: the truth is i'm soooooo excited to reveal our Halloween costume ensemble this year. i think it's pretty stinkin cute. here's a sneak peak:

::: and finally, the truth life isn't perfect. it has its moments. moments that make me frustrated. moments that make me wanna pull my hair out. moments that make me want to just pee in peace for once. but most of all, moments that make me love my hubs and my two little girls so much i think my heart could burst.

and that's enough truths to be revealed for one night.
happy halloween!


jenny said...

i love these truths. i let go of looking semi-decent a long time ago, and the girls followed shortly after. something had to go. and laundry...don't even get me started. sometimes i dream about going out and buying new clothes instead of washing the old ones. ugh.

chris loves words with friends and is always telling me about his 100 point words. if i had an iphone i'd play you on it. one day.

i didn't see you guys at the trunk or treat tonight! we showed up late and it was total crazytown so i'm sure it's possible you were there and we just didn't run into you. i'm sad i missed seeing your girls in their cute costumes though.

Megs said...

as always, your posts are perfect! The laundry thing - I understand. And today the folded laundry gets put away. Maybe. On android phones, the game is called Word Feud - a game that Tim's family & I recently got addicted to. It got to be unhealthy, so I uninstalled it & you are making me want to reinstall it as I type. Modern Family is HI-larious & I'm glad I know someone else who watches it. Your girls are beautiful & I understand about creating a monster - I love cuddling the baby until the middle of the night hits and she wants to be held all night. Yikes!

I could say so much more...but I will stop :) Have a lovely day!

Linda said...

Sorry that you feel like " chopped ham and cheese" these days. Give it some time kiddo. It will get better, all of it. Pretty soon you will be the multitasking queen.
Loved the pictures of Ellie... in in colorful outfits! I mean! Who keeps buying these outfits for her???? I can't get over how she smiles exactly like you. I miss my grandaughters and will miss seeing them until I have them in front of me to kiss and hug!
I am glad you took the day to go to the pumpkin patch. That " was" the responsible thing, in my view. I love you.... I will have to sugar detox after today. Made caramel apples, and going to our neighborhood street walk, parade, etc. Wish you were here, or we were there... or somewhere in the middle.

Amber said...

enjoyed your lovely post so much. Two kids takes a bit of getting used to, but you'll be soooo good at it! Hope your Halloween turned out fabulous.

ClaysJenna said...

I relate to so many of these truths and I only have one kid...I'm in trouble whenever I have another :) I love the outfits Ellie picks out! Gosh she's so cute! And that picture of if I wasn't already baby hungry enough! Beautiful. I would love to see you when you think you aren't put together because my dear I find it hard to believe. You are beautiful, my dear!

Tiffany Johnson said...

You're the best. I love all the truths. I love your honesty. I wish you were here. I think about you all the time and wish you were here to hang out with. I wish we would have spent more time hanging out while you WERE here. (isn't that always the case?) At any rate. Thanks for this post. I love love love the picture of Alice on the blanket being all nakey. She's adorable. I can't wait to see more. And i'm dying to see your halloween costumes. Post them already! :-)