Thursday, September 30, 2010

pregnancy. pregnancy. and more pregnancy.

yes, that's me. yes, that's my belly (like 10 minutes ago, actually). yes, it's still growing (maybe i should take a new picture so we can compare before/after and see how big of a change there was? i feel like i'm growing that fast these days).

so this week i graduated to full-term status.
i definitely am full. as in, there's no more room. as in, no more room in the inn. as in, every time little miss baby girl sticks her bum up in the air, my belly expands on the right side until i think that it can't possibly stretch any more. ouuuch. (but cute to imagine..all snuggled on her tummy sticking her bum right up in the air).

doc says i'm dilated to about a 2 (not quite but almost) which is amazing because i didn't even dilate to 1/2 a centimeter with Ellie. she also says that i'm measuring about a week ahead, too. but we all know that either thing means...not much. i'm still here. i'm still pregnant. no show yet, no all-night parties yet, no poop fireworks yet...just waiting. and quite frankly, i'm ok with that. really, i am.

you see, last time, we were super on the ball.
we had the room all set.
like allllllll set. every drawer filled to the brim. every picture hung perfectly. wow.
dinners made.
house organized.
clothes all washed.
every nook and cranny of the house cleaned.
fridge stocked.
sub-plans written...4 weeks before Ellie even came...
Hospital bag packed...5 weeks before Ellie even came...
yadda yadda yadda.

this time, i feel like a major slacker. colonel slacker, even.
yes, we've painted the room. redone the dresser. put up the crib! and yesterday, i finally even finished washing the newborn baby clothes, blankets, & accessories. (go me...i hate laundry).
but i have a mile-long to-do list...including:
buy a crib mattress.
finish sewing baby bedding.
clean pantry/stock fridge.
pack Hospital bag.
organize garage/closet of baby room.
and lots of other things that are probably only important to me...

so, yes, it's ok baby girl is sittin' snug as a bug and holdin' on tight.
because even though i'm thrilled to strip this alien body off in the near future, i am thrilled to have a little more time to get things in order, fill up my "fun", "sleep", "Ellie" & "Mike" canteens, and try to imagine what life as 4 will be like. though it's pretty surreal right now.

i've done a lot of pondering over pregnancy the last few days...especially as i realize that we really are in the final days...which is mind boggling! it's made me realize things have been really different this time around:
  • can you say fatiiiigue?- it could be attributed to the fact that i'm very anemic this time, taking double doses of iron...but even with that double dose, i'm so beyond tired, which is really out of character for me. i usually consider myself a very high-energy person. but not this pregnancy. whoa. i'm a lazy butthead.
  • while i still love cherries, this time around my favorite fruit has been far. for most of June and July, M was out of town...often, he'd leave on Sunday night, i'd buy a watermelon on Monday, and finish the whole thing, on my own (Ellie is NOT a watermelon all) Wednesday. i'd then be in the debate: should i buy another one so that M could have some when he gets home, too? (translation: should i buy another one so that M could have a bite and I could have another watermelon...because it's the only thing that sounds good right now). so Thursday was often spent buying another watermelon and chopping it up...and only eating half of it, so that at least half would be left for M. and i'd eat the leftovers by Saturday. (p.s. have you ever squeezed lemon juice over watermelon? if not, try it. it's diiviiinnnee).
  • i've definitely had less swelling this time...i'm still wearing my toe ring and my wedding ring, which were both looonnng gone by this point with Ellie. i think part of the reason was i was teaching/on my feet all day long last time. i don't know what the other part of the reason is...because it has been bloody hot here the last couple of weeks and i am DYIIING. thank goodness it was a mild summer. i don't know how i would have survived otherwise.
  • this time, prenatal vitamins are still my worst enemy...causing nausea and barfia whenever i take one. thank goodness for flinstones gummie vitamins.
  • last time, i was puking at the end again. i'm so grateful to have dodged that bullet (at least for now). that was pretty stinkin' miserable.
  • i've been having waaayyy more contractions this time. like, whoa. and even back contractions. whoa. very different experience from last time.
  • we still can't agree upon a name. seriously. last time, we were pretty set on Ellie by this point. we still wanted to meet her to make sure she didn't look like a Hilda or Bertha or something totally random, but we were pretty certain she'd be Ellie. this time, i'm still set on Roxy and M is still set that it's a dog's name. (whatever. lame.). we'll see who wins in the delivery room.
  • it's been so fun to have Ellie around to share pregnancy with. she is so funny about it-- and often lifts her shirt up to say, "ouch! the baby in my tummy hurts!" i don't know where she heard that from... :)
still, there have been so many sames as last time, too.

  • both my girls are MOVERS! they love to roll, push, jitter, stretch, and whatever else they can do in the womb. man, i have very wiggly fetuses.
  • i have loved fruit again. so refreshing. 
  • both times, i was pretty dang sick for the first half- and then felt relatively good for the second half.
  • i have the craziest sweet tooth EVER. like i want to eat milk duds and frozen yogurt and cheesecake all. day. long.
  • when i sit down, my belly rests on my legs. it's kind of cool and kind of annoying. cool because then i have this perfect little tray to rest things on. annoying because who wants something resting on their legs when they're trying to take a load off while sitting down?
  • both babies love to kick my belly button. what's up with that? it does NOT feel good.
  • still not a fan of maternity clothes. mostly pants. please, someone out make some decent maternity pants for shorties that don't cost a gazillion dollars.
  • got lots of stretch marks last time, and tons more this time. i guess my skin doesn't handle all those bum-stretches very well :)
  • the excitement to meet a new little person is the same. i couldn't even fathom what it would be like to be a parent last time, and i still have that kind of wonder and anticipation that makes my heart skip a beat this time. i can't believe we're going to meet a new little human so soon and welcome her into our family. of course i'm freaked out a little bit-- but i know it will be wonderful- and i can't wait for my heart to grow, to watch M's heart grow, and to see Ellie's heart grow as we welcome this little girl into our lives.
so, last time, i was a week late.
who knows what will happen this time.
hopefully i won't need to whip out my old tricks....
but just in case, (and not to be redundant or anything) here's our little "how to induce labor" video that we made with our friends, the Blodgetts, about 5 days past my due date with Ellie. it actually still makes me laugh to watch it. and M still laughs when he watches it too (maybe we think we're funnier than we really are? i mean, we are big dorks.). but maybe, just maybe it will give you a little laugh too.

p.s. i was huuuggeee. like seriously- notice my huge tummy when i'm sitting on the couch..especially toward the end. it makes my back hurt just looking at it.

p.s.s. and yes, of course, i will keep you posted when the real show begins! can't wait! (or can i?)....



jenny said...

haha. that video is so much more entertaining now that i know you and mike :)

i am so excited for all the fun that is headed your way soon!!

Courtney said...

You are carrying very different this time. I'm excited to meet new baby too, I sometimes wish I could just fly up there for the birth, but that would just be over crowding for you guys. I'm really looking forward to Christmas and seeing everyone again. P.S. Ellie is getting so big, and adorable of course.

Ashley said...

That video is hilarious! I don't know how your little body carries those basketball babies! So cute. Oh I hope that little one comes soon! I'm dying to meet her! Sending love from the island.

Megs said...

You are by far the cutest pregnant woman and mother EVER. I hope you know. Thank you again for the oh-so-lovely comment on my blog. I always get excited seeing one from you because I know it will make me feel so nice inside. Too gushy? I'll move on...

Well, your prego post is WAY better than mine and AGAIN (I am sure you are as tired of hearing this as I am of saying it) you say exactly what I am thinking and going through - just perfectly. I was late with Emerie, too and didn't dilate to a 1/2cm until the day I went into labor!!! Now I'm as dilated as you are and EXCITED for a possibly more punctual baby.

That video still makes me laugh - Tim & I tried all of those things, too, after 7 days of waiting over the due date because I thought I was going to start punching random strangers in the face if Emerie wasn't born.

Let's hang in there together! It's been exciting sharing this experience with someone!

ClaysJenna said...

I'm fairly certain that pregnancy doesn't come more beautiful than you! This post was great, really, really great. Made me think that maybe I could have another baby...maybe I could have two! Although I don't know if I could be as graceful as you :) I can't wait to see the post of her arrival! I'm certain I'll cry...I'm a big baby lately haha! I'm excited for you!!

Amber said...

For all of you moms that have been overdue - YOU DESERVE A MEDAL. I was one day late with my first; can't even imagine 5 or 7! AAAAA. Schedule yourself something really nice like a pedicure for your due date; you so deserve it.

Shelli said...

Your video made me laugh out loud. I love it. Hope the baby pops out soon, but I hope you get your to-do list done sooner. :) Love ya!

C and MC said...

That is hilarious. Just saying. (I feel/felt your pain. 2 weeks over due with Cam. but so worth it when they come.)

The Hurst Family said...

The first time I met you, you were about this far with Ellie. By the way, I totally LOVE that belly pic. It's...well..beautiful. I can't wait to meet your new little one either. Thank goodness for blogs and Facebook. Miss you. Thanks for still being my friend.

The Gatchell Crew said...

OMGOSH! YOU GUYS ARE FREAKING HILARIOUS! I LOVE IT! You two are just so great together! I love it! I can see how much fun you guys are, all the time! I am bummed you are still growing that kid. You may luck out big time here & pass up the rotten teenage years if you keep that kid in there any longer! :):)I am here to help in anyway! Just let me know... we can have Ellie over & play with Emily they would both love that! :) So excited for you guys FUN FUN FUN! :) Love Mare

Lea Tame said...

Can't wait to meet little miss! She is going to be gorgeous! So, remember how we used to be scared of having ugly babies... now that we're having a girl I'm freaking out again. I can't have the cutest boy ever and then a scary looking girl! Love you and wish that I was as pleasant a prego as you.

Mat and Brooke said...

I can hardly believe you are getting so close! Marci, you will love it. You'll see your heart grow more than twice the size that it is right now with love for that sweet little baby girl. I am so excited for you!!

Lots, and lots, and lots of love to you... :)

Kristy said...

You guys are hilarious. Miss your faces! Castrol oil--classic! :)

Hale-O There said...

lol I loved it and I will keep it in mind when my time comes!

Jen said...

I loved this post Marci! And by the way, I'm totally rooting for Roxy. It's just so sassy and sweet and unforgettable. Just as I'm sure you're little bug will be. Good luck with everything!

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

what if you have already had your little one by now?? you could be holding that bundle of preciousness right now and i don't even know it!! love you my dear. olivia is excited for her new little friend to be in this world.