Thursday, January 14, 2010

sea world & "cha-moo"

has anyone been to Sea World recently and seen the Shamu show, Believe? well, let me tell you two little secrets about it:
1. it's awesome.
2. it's slightly weird because they have you do this weird chant thing where you put your arms in the air, one at a time and chant "Shamu, Shamu" to get him to splash everybody.
2a. and even though i kinda feel like i'm in some weird cult when i do the shamu chant, i secretly really like it and it gives me chills. and i reaaally realllly loved how the rest of the day, Ellie kept saying "chaaa-moooo, chaaaa-mooo!"

we had a fabulous time at Sea World.

{and as if touching Star Fish and blowing kisses to penguin, and watching Shamu do jumps and tricks and laughing at the silly Seals and seeing the dolphins do their adorable tricks and being freaked out by the crazy shark tunnel wasn't all good enough, meeting Elmo was really the crowning moment to the day...but i already told you about that here}.



Mat and Brooke said...

You do so many fun things with that little girl of yours and she seems to soak up every minute. Even though we live far away from each other, it's easy to tell what wonderful parents you and Mike are to your perfect little Ellie. Every child should be so lucky. :)

I would love to learn how you do those awesome collages. So much of the time, there are pictures worth showing/remembering, but you'd rather not have them full sized or have a list of 35 or so pictures running down the page! Also, I love what you've done at the top of your blog! That is just so cute. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes they had ideas as cute as yours. :)

Love you, Marce. Hoping all is well for you and that your move into your new home is wonderful!

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

oh my...(remember when we would say "x my")...i LOVE sea world!!!!!!!!!!! i've always thought that it didn't get enough credit. sea world is like disney land's cousin that nobody pays attention to but it's actually really really really cool!!!!!!!!!! i love sea animals! can you see with all the explanations marks how much i love it??? i'm jealous looking at your pictures because i live in a tundra....sigh.
p.s. ellie is so darn cute!

Adrienne said...

we saw the Believe show in Florida last May and it was great but I agree creepy with the chanting