Monday, January 11, 2010

our coastal solace

oh hi again. it's me. a renewed, vacationed me. one that looks a little less stressed and tired and a little more rested and beachy. kinda like this:

we're back from our little escapade to visit my parents in Southern California...we snatched up some ridiculously cheap airfare about a month ago to visit them (since M hadn't seen them since before we moved)- and the timing couldn't have been more perfect-- we needed a reason to escape our snow-ball project of a house and really rest up before M started into busy season...(which is now in full force, as he won't be coming home tonight until 10:00 pm...let the widowhood begin).

for journaling's sake (and for the day that i decide to print this sucker out) i'm going to do a couple of different posts from our trip. ok? ok.

one of our favorite parts of being down there (aside from lots of laughs from my funny parents, yummy food, and silly moments of wrong turns funny conversations) was enjoying the beautiful coastline just minutes from their home. every morning, we enjoyed a run on the coast- and can i just say, i love running on the beach.

is there anything that feels better? perfect temperature, beautiful surroundings, yummy smells, lovely sounds. ah. i heart the beach. anyway, the first night, M and i walked down and enjoyed the sunset- and we knew that Ellie would love it. so we went back the next night and took her...
...of course she was ticked when it got dark and she couldn't see her shovel anymore and realized that we were leaving... we went back again before we left and let her play some more. man, she looovvveees the beach. the rest of the time, she kept saying to me, "sand? sand? sand?," as if to say, "mama, take me to the sand. i've got some serious digging to do."

now, all is never hunky dory when it comes to beach trips. and let's get real, this is ME we're talking about, so of course random stuff always happens. well, when i took Ellie down to play the second time, i pulled out some goldfish crackers about 20 minutes into playing, like any good mom would do. all of a sudden, a flock of seagulls surrounded me. well, it wasn't like i was going to share some with them, so i hid the crackers underneath my legs. a few minutes later, i pulled them out again and popped a couple in my mouth- and offered some to Ellie. now, she was in the opposite direction of one of the birds...and so naturally, i looked toward her, away from the bird. well, that nasty sucker came and nipped the bag right out of my hand! i literally screamed out loud and grabbed the fallen bag from the floor and the closest thing i could find, a small hand towel- and that thing came right back for more. it was not scared of little ole me one bit- but it shoulda been- because i started swinging that hand-towel like a banchee- and i hit the bird- 2, maybe 3 times. i looked down at my arm, and i had two large scratches. SERIOUSLY. TWO!! they are still kinda there, and i admit that i'm a little concerned that i might have rabies or something. now, you'd thing the dang bird woulda gotten a clue- but he didn't. he still lurked right there, waiting for me to mess up again and look away. what did he think i was? a ding dong? my eyes were right on that thing- and i kept saying to him, "it's a crying shame for you we're not in Utah- because there i couldn't do THIS!" and i'd throw sand on it. maybe it was a little harsh. but he ruined some perfectly good fish. plus, i could technically blame it on the rabies. just sayin.

{the rabies-infested-goldfish-stealing seagull}

and thus ends our excursion(s) to the beach.


Linda said...

Dear Ding Dong:
When you put it this way.... hahahahaha I am going to be laughing on and off during the night thinking of your Seagull fiasco. Now in Spanish: jajajajaja. Marci, really! How many people get attacked by Seagulls twice in a couple of months? But then again.... who am I to talk.... Ms. " I am going to obey the Garmin all the way to Layton Utah? Will I ever be forgiven? Loved , Loved, loved having you here. It meant more than you will ever know. Now we can be " widowers together!". You will never get used to it... bu you will become Ms. Independence. Hang in there. Thank You for all the pictures, and all the laughs that brighten my day. I love you.
Ms. Ho-Ho ( Not sure if those are the other Dong Dong type snack)

Megs said... I {heart} this post! Could Ellie be any cuter? And the answer is - not possible. And can I just tell you how jealous I am that your baby (and you & the hubs) are on the beach and not bundled in layers and layers of sweaters? *sigh*

Oh, and thanks for the always sweet comments on my blog. You are too kind.

Clay and Jenna said...

Okay, seriously! I love the snow but I could really use a beach visit so I am living vicariously through your pictures. It looks so beautiful. And warm. And relaxing. And FUN! Ellie just keeps getting cuter and cuter. And, seriously, I laughed with tears rolling down my cheeks when I read about the seagull. And I love that you threw sand on it. And I love you!

Amy W said...

My sides hurt, I am laughing so hard! Love your blog... I totally want to be your follower!

Mat and Brooke said...

Those pictures are completely adorable!

....Didn't know you were friends with everybody...INCLUDING seagulls! Garsh!! ;)

Kristin said...

Marci, Love the pictures. You have such a beautiful family and Ellie is seriously so beautiful. I wanted to know what camera you use as well as what program you use to make all of your very adorable collages. Do tell me your secrets. =)

Ashley Myntti said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I love the beach and so am very jealous! Can't wait to hear about more of your adventures!!!!!

Tiffany Johnson said...

So jealous of your beach-ness. Great pictures by the way!!! Loved all of them. Especially the ones of little Ellie. She is so beautiful. I really miss you guys... a LOT!