Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa and Merry Christmas and stuff

we went and saw Santa today.

it all started pretty good- with Ellie looking darling in a little Christmas dress-- and constantly asking for "tanta."

 {these are the kind of shots we get these days: action ones.}

but then, when we plopped her on the big man's lap....well...

it pretty much went exactly like i thought it would:

{notice her one arm reaching out to me-- she kept saying "noo! nooo!" over and over in between sobs while reaching out for me to come and save her. poor thing. sadly, it was very, very funny-- and M and i laughed quite a bit. crazy what we put our children through for the sake of "tradition."}

and while part of me wishes i had that little picture-perfect cheesy grin from my little El-ster, we all know that's just not how she rolls. plus, it's funnier this way.

anyway, so i'm busy making rolls tonight-- M's grandma's secret recipe ones (why does it seem that every grandma has a secret recipe? and what's the big secret anyway? why does it have to be a secret?) and tomorrow will most assuredly be hectic and fun and exciting and busy...

but i wanted to be sure to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. my little life and little world are better because of you, dear blogging world. so, if there's anyone out there, from me to you this Christmas Eve eve, know that my little Marci heart is grateful for you and wishes for all your wildest Christmas dreams to come true. sending you a big hug and lots of love this season and always!



Amber said...

Merry Christmas to you, too, Marci.

Jylaire said...

Merry Christmas Marci!!! Hope you and your fam have an amazing holiday!!!

Linda said...

I wish I could have seen Ellie sitting on that Santa's lap. Actually, he does look frightening. I mean, Rosalie's looked so kind and gentle. This one has a " terminator" look! Yeaks! I would have cried too! Or at least bonked him on the head.
Merry Christmas darling! Missing you but happy that you are surrounded by lot's of LOVE and CHEER.

Linda said...

Thanks to your post I went the extra mile to do the xtras. Home ALONE is on. Christmas Poutporri Homemade.... orange peels, lemons, whole cloves, nutmeg, bay leaves, apples brewing on the stove. I made the Chocolate Peppermint cookies, Apple Pie, Flan. Tonights Menu: Orange Spice Cornish Hens, Habichuelas Rosadas with Butternut squash, Coconut Rice, still have not decided on the veggies and ... oh yeah! Plantains. ( There is my vegetable!) hahaha. We will watch Holiday Inn , It's a Wonderful Life, and probably the Christmas Story which DAD always loves. Pajamas are ready... and hey! there are still a few star fish left on the tree! I made a Christmas flower arrangement, Lucy is curled up on a chair ( it's not my chair!)... Rick is out getting last minute ingredients at the store...Christmas came! ( name that movie) I love you all and wish we could all live in the same neighborhood. Feliz Navidad... mi cielo. Con mucho amor,

Mat and Brooke said...

That picture is cuter than any other you possibly could have hoped to capture, Marce! Man- what a cutie. :)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!