Tuesday, December 22, 2009


wow, it's Christmas week... i can't believe it... how did that happen? one minute we were making rolls and basting turkeys and waking up at an insane hour to get a few hot deals, and the next.... Wam! it came.

i admit it...i'm excited. makes me feel like a little kid with a slight hope that Santa might actually come and adorn my newly painted red kitchen with the le creuset pots i am currently lusting over. it can't hurt to wish right?

and yet while i'd love those pots, and some new mac makeup and some killer sexy jeans that will shrink my Latin butt three sizes, i can't help but be more excited to actually give a meaningful Christmas for once and make the magic i felt not-so-long-ago for Ellie. i can't wait to see er face Christmas morning when she realizes that those boxes i've been making her steer clear from have been full of toys and treats. holidays truly are special with kids.

and still, while i am so excited to capture ellie's expressions and enjoyment, and i can't wait to see what she likes most, i can't help but think and be grateful for all the gifts i already have been given.

the gift of life.
the gift of family.
the gift of a home.
the gift of warm socks and jackets.
the gift of being parents to Ellie.
the gift of the savior, Jesus Christ's birth and life.

i'm so grateful for the Savior and that we have this time of year to remember Him and emulate Him and the kind of life He lived. the knowledge of His birth and life is the gift i treasure most.

though i'm not gonna lie, i still kinda hope i get those jeans :)

i love this time of year, and hope you are all loving it too!

Merry Christmas week to all.


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Linda said...

And Merry Christmas to you! I always think, when I am typing the word Christmas... (which coming from Spanish is not that simple...) that if I break it up .... it is Christ... mas... and mas in Spanish means? MORE! So I think.... more Christ! More of his LOVE, patience, kindness, holiness, EXAMPLE! And so this is what I am working on! Isn't it funner and way better to give than receive? I LOVE it! Confession: I feel a little guilty receiving because I already ave more than I ever wanted or needed.
Red???! You went with RED!!!! Yeah! Can't wait to see it! Do take a lot of pictures ( like you wouldn't) so I can see our Ellie's delight on Christmas morning. We will miss you modeling all the new clothes and such... and meticulously going through your stocking! hahaha You are hilarious on Christmas morning... in fact all through the Holidays! Starting with Witches Night OUT. Hugs, Kisses.... to the Highest Mountain and back! P.S. Mailed you the KEY. Let us know you got it?