Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i'm hoping he wins tonight:

but i wouldn't mind if he won either:

how 'bout you?

{side note: i'm getting sad that all my shows are ending. like, i'm pretty depressed thinking that there's no Glee on tonight. thank goodness for the two-hour SYTYCD season finale. but really, what am i going to do until 'early spring' without new Glee music, hilariously sarcastic Sue comments, and ridiculously adorable Mr. Shoe? thank goodness Christmas is around the corner...and then American Idol, Lost and 24 are coming soon to distract me........[a side note to my side note: am i the only one who gets chills every time an American Idol commercial comes on?? and how freakin' cool is it that Ellen is going to be a new judge? just when i thought it couldn't get any did.] the end.}


Megs said...

I love that you love "Glee" - 'cause I do, too! It's the best.

C and C said...

Agreed... on everything you said!

jaci said...

i'm so glad that you are a tv nerd like me. :)

right now i'm enjoying the weeklong 'sing-off' on NBC. it's so fun!

Linda said...

YEah! ( Ellie Style) We like AI! Confession: I get teary eyed when a beautiful dance goes on in SYTYCD. I hope Jacob wins but love your guy too! They are all amazing. I just don't want Mr Utah Ballroom Diva to win. Don't know why!

Amber said...

You so called the final two! Go Marci. My husband turned to me the other night and said, "I love tv, Amber." And I agreed.