Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'll Be Home For Christmas

i woke up this morning with a community of zits inhabiting my face.
i don't know what's worse: the pain of those monsters or the fact that i am still battling zits in my mid twenties.
i decided the only way to combat those vermin would be to sit in front of the mirror and try to annihilate them-- show them who's boss.
well, now my face is all red, swollen, and looking worse (and feeling worse) than before.
but, i'm determined to be in good spirits...

so i put on my Christmas playlist.. Christmas music always boosts spirits. i'm now listening to David Archuleta's version of "I'll Be Home For Christmas."

i admit it, i'm crying a little bit. why does that song always make me cry? i think it's because it makes me think of my family.

it makes me think of my mom singing that song while putting Martha Stewart to shame in the decorating department.
it makes me think of cinnamon potpurri brewing in the kitchen, a collection of Santa's adorned all over that beautiful entertainment center, my brother teasing my sister, my dad walking through the door from work or from the gym, and Lucy, the dog, lurking around every corner pleading for attention and snuggles.
it makes me think of snow dancing to the ground, chocolate peppermint cookies (the secret-recipe ones), driving up to a house decked out in lights glowing in white ice, and watching old movies while sipping on some hot chocolate.
it makes me think of my grandpa playing music on his piano, my grandma unveiling her treasure of gifts for all her grandkids, my cousins and aunts and ungles laughing and dancing and singing and limbo-ing.
it makes me think of laughing till my stomach hurts. 
it makes me think of choirs and concerts going on all over town.
it makes me think of my mom's smile, my dad's laugh, my sister's beautiful face, my brother's humor, and his wife's love for their little Rosalie.
it makes me miss my family like something fierce.

don't get me wrong, i love it here. it is lovely. i love being close to M's family. i love sharing the holiday with them.  it is so special-- especially for Ellie.
it's just not home...yet.
and so when i think of "I'll be home for Christmas," i can't help but think of my little childhood Utah house...humble and sweet...and my little Hartley family...wild and equally sweet.

love to you all, and missing you all lots.
hope you're enjoying the season!



Linda said...

It's wonderful that you have all those happy memories and thoughts about Chrsitmases past. I am there with you! I officially have 4 star fish left on the tree... ( of the original ones!) Lucy ate 11!
Did you know " I'll be Home for Christmas" is my Dad's favorite american Christmas Song...? and mine also? I learned it in the guitar for that reason. I have other favorite hymns... but It's my favorite hands down! I miss you too! And all the old traditions.But on with the new! I am happy that we have already made a few new fun memories...When we fill our homes with children, the music, smells.... memories, and especially the LOVE...that " homie" feeling will come once again. In the meantime, isn't it great that we have all those memories to cherish? That we have loved ones to be with... and so much to be grateful for? Merry Christmas! I love you Marci! P.S. I wanted Jacob to win last night. I was sad he didn't even though Mr. Dreadlocks was way fun. Great show... a little long... but great!Not sure I like JLO anymore. What in the world?

Becca said...

Of course I would be the second one to comment, who else? So I'm picking up what your laying down here (something nat always says. weird), with Travis gone & us going to Tennessee this year it just hasn't felt like Christmas. I haven't even listened to Christmas music because I've been so "scroogy." ahhh welll.. So how did you feel about Russell winning last night? I was super psyched until he ripped off his shirt and acted like a crazy person. haha. It felt like he had multiple personalities or something. Weird.

Ok The end. :)

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

this was one of my favorite posts ever. i adore your family. the thought of your home gives me warm fuzzies:) i miss the comfort of how loved i felt in your home. i miss home too marce. call me anytime to talk about how we miss our homes. love you. xoxo

skimoab said...

My Grandpa passed away last week. For the postlude music at the funeral, my sister played "I'll be home for Christmas". I think I'll get a little teary eyed from now on every time I hear this song.