Thursday, August 6, 2009

lots...and lots...and lots of glimpses

i feel like i've been living my life in glimpses the last few weeks..
random glimpses of little girl marci.
random glimpses of older responsible marci (who doesn't seem to exist yet but quite possibly is out there).
i'd like to share some of my random glimpses with you, blogging world.

first, some short lil glimpses of our summer:

we've done lots of inflatable-pool-swimming-in-the-backyard...which means naked baby bums are completely acceptable and adorable (but for the sake of the publicness of this blog, i will not be posting pictures of naked bums at this time. instead, here's a super happy cheesy grin...always present with ellie while swimming).

we enjoyed our first little family getaway to Park City where we pulled the mattress from the bedroom into the living room space and taught ellie how to jump on the bed. she was very impressed.

we've solidified friendships and family-ships by having bbq's, talking on the porch till wee hours of the night, going to the discovery gateway, swimming, cooking, conversing, and laughing while enjoying the air-conditioned family room, going to st. george to enjoy delicious food, laughs, movies, the HEAT, swimming, a GORGEOUS house, more laughs, crazy children, dinkles (thats for you traverteen), and relaxation...all to realize that our time together is growing very short. (below you will enjoy a random assortment of summertime pictures ranging from museums to st georgisms).
ellie's first time to discovery gateway:

who do you think taught her how to do that???

some glimpses from our awweeeesome trip to st. george:

now, back to the glimpses.......

we relived my kaysvilleness while my parents/sista escapaded along the islands of hawaii....

i had glimpses of a few things:

1. taking care of a big house is a lot harder than you'd think. while there's more space, there's more space to get messy. which means more to pick up. and clean.

2. watering pots of flowers is kind of stressful. i found myself overwhelmed with thoughts, "is that leaf brown because of me? did i over water it? did i under water it? how can i be sure?"

3. i have always considered myself a dog person. i love dogs. we had a golden retriever named shadow when i was little who i loved and still miss. my parents now have another golden named lucy. she's adorable....and a lot of work to take care of. the walking, the playing, the poop cleaning, the playing, the walking....whoa. maybe we won't have a dog in our house?? am i really going to be that know, the uncool one that doesn't let her kids have pets because they are a lot of work?? i guess only time will tell.

being home also caused me to have several glimpses to my past:

1. running into old friends unexpectedly...and also expectedly.

exhibit a: i was running by my old friend Colby's house and his mom and little sister were out on their driveway getting ready for a run of their own. an hour and much reminiscing later, we had tears in our eyes and hugged like a million times. who knows when we'll see each other again, she said. i ran away thinking, she's right. who knows when we'll see each other again. and i got all teary eyed again. anyway, this picture is of our group of friends at Colby's house after his farewell. i love these people.

exhibit b: six years later and still making each other laugh like there's no tomorrow...the meenals got together for dinner at the olive garden. what a special treat for me. thanks for taking the time, ladies! how i love you all and will miss our laughs and good talks.

exhibit c: i decided to go to the DHS track. i had this flood of memories surge through my body as the marching band played, the cheerleaders practiced, and track stars ZOOMED past me left and right. it made me remember all the football games and early morning practices and si se puede's. (is it just me or do most my memories revolve around high school?)

exhibit d: i got to catch up with other friends...who i neglected to get pictures with...but of which was equally wonderful. my friend ju is having triplets- and i got to see her just a week before she had her C section. she's my hero. this is a picture of us our freshman year of college:

we also got to see our old neighbors josh and brittany who moved to Clinton. we loved seeing their place and having burgers and talking education. always good times with the barons.

while at the 'rents house, i also looked through my old know, all the old class work and pictures and notes i've saved for who-knows-what. well, i came upon these little gems- books that i used to write. you see, i've always wanted to be a children's book author. one of my favorite stories i've ever written was when i was eight. it was called "My Fable: The Elephant and the Peacock."

basically, it was about this elephant who hated his skin. so he went looking for new skin. luckily, he ran into a pack of he asked them if he could use their feathers for new skin. they kindly obliged. well, upon returing to the circus with his new skin, his friends were apalled and kicked him out. the story finished with the line, "You cannot fool anyone with borrowed feathers." pretty deep for an eight-year-old, huh? maybe someday you'll see a book about an elephant and the peacocks in your nearby shop around the corner...

we also had a little b-day party here at my parents house for mike (shhh don't tell). it was fun to finally throw a party at the parents house without them knowing and get away with it...and not get in trouble for it (even though my mom reads my blog and will be reading this little statement upon her return...oops). it was so fun to have a last hoorah before we head out. i unfortunately didn't pull my camera out till most everyone had left- but here are a few glimpses of the party:

but it made me have several glimpses of parties we've had in this wonderful house. one where i was in 6th grade- i had a costume party (i have an october birthday) and we had a pumpkin carving contest- well i was wearing this gorgeous princess gown with these lace sleeves that my grandma had made for me...and i went to light the jack-o-lanterns with a match...and POOF! in less than a second i was on fire. all the lace up my sleeve, the front of my dress.....i basically looked like a running bomb. luckily, i remembered how to stop, drop, and roll...and i did just that...but i had several burns which led to scars for several years. craziness.

another where i was 16- and my best friend jmhc (with the help of my mom of course) threw me the sweetest surprise birthday party after a football game EVER. it felt like the whole world was there. and my mom really embarrassed me by having my birthday cake have a huge picture of me on it. geeze. but it was a blast.

i've thought of all the fiesta nights. and sleepovers. and long talks. and door step scenes. man, i'm gonna miss this house.

other glimpses we've been having:

ellie is getting older. she is looking older. she is getting an attitude. she is giving kisses freely to any and all. she is giving stink faces like crazy. she is beautiful. we've been looking at pictures of when i was a baby and mike was a baby- and it's crazy to realize what a good mix she is of us.
here's a little glimpse into life with our 14 month old ellie (let's just is BUUUSSSY):

(i know i already posted these...but they're so cute, i had to double post them. kind of like double dipping, i know. i promise to not repeat)

along with this little glimpse of ellie, i'd like to add: i've had a little glimpse of what it's like to be a stay-at-home mom. can i just say, hardest job in the world...but best job in the world? i'm waaay less rested than i thought i would be this summer. and i wouldn't have it any other way.

so, this means, while others are scurrying and planning getting ready for yet another year of school, i'm not. i have a tinge of sadness- mostly because i won't get to be with these lovely ladies every day any more- but i'm so grateful they took the time to lunch with me last week. i will sorely miss their love and wisdom in my life.

and as for a glimpse of our present-
our life is kind of in a limbo state: M isn't really working right now (well, he's always doing something- but we're talking 9-5 job...which we realize will really be like a 6-7 job...eek), i'm not working right now....we're packing up our life- with nowhere to really go yet, since we haven't bought a home yet. it's exciting...but kind of feels like the warm before the know, everything is just kind of still for a minute- but you can see the chaos heading straight for you...and there's no way to avoid you may as well embrace it. but i'm not ready to embrace the change quite yet. i'm fearful. i'm worried. i'm anxious. and i just want to hide under my covers with my pillow over my head and pretend that the storm will just pass me and i can go on with my life. sigh.

we've been looking to buy houses. which we're realizing is a lengthy, overwhelming, daunting that seems impossible. it's hard to imagine your life in a new place without knowing exactly where that new place is going to be...or where to even start looking where it could or should be. thank goodness for prayer.

we're realizing it's august.
the month we move.
all of this is going by f-a-s-t.
why won't it ssllllooooowwwwww dooooowwwwnnnn??

we're having glimpses of what it feels like to say good bye.
i'm having glimpses of what it feels like to have a broken heart.



*note: wow, longest post eeevvveeeerrrrrr. just sayin.*


Ashley said...

Longest and one of your best posts yet. I love the picture of you blowing out the birthday candles. The expression on your face is hilarious! Don't feel overwhelmed or sick by your upcoming move. I've realized moving out of the country that everywhere is basically the same. There's almost always food, a warm place to sleep, and great new friends to meet ;) Just another adventure... You're going to be fine. Love you.

Clay and Jenna said...

LOVED this post! I'm so glad I got to see you one last time before you moved! I was just thinking about fiesta nights the other day! Is your mom's salsa recipe a secret or do you think she'd let me make it? I have fresh peppers and onions and tomatoes from my moms garden and I want to make salsa...let me know if she'd let me make her recipe. Love you friend and hopefully we'll be able to take a trip to Cali and maybe catch up with you there:)

Megs said...

Ok, this was the longest post ever - but so great! You have great pictures & great memories & I'm so glad you have shared them with all of us! Good luck with all your upcoming adventures.

Hilary said...

I loved the post. so many wonderful memories! good luck with all the upcoming adventures! Love ya tons. Ellie is so cute!

Ashley Myntti said...

I love you Marci! Your posts always bring a smile to my face! Good luck on your next great adventure, and I miss you already!

Monica said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post--made me relive my own Dart days and my sister's too.

You are beautiful--knew it during high school, even more so today. Everyone looked up to you and we still do.

The move will be hard and I'm not going to lie, busy season can seem long. But there are so many pros to this kind of life out here. I'm happy to share, just let me know if you need a little partner to help you out or simply talk to over the phone. (I love to babysit (for free), if that's helpful!)

The Hurst Family said...

I'm so excited for your little family. You are going to make wherever you end up a better place, a happier place, a more righteous place a more beautiful place because you and Mike are those people. I wish it could be here with us in Utah, but apparently God has other plans for you. Good thing we trust Him. I'm sad for us and so happy for you. You will be greatly missed at Manila. You will never be forgotten at Manila as long as I'm there. Love you Marci. Keep on posting because I plan to follow your life eternally. RaeAnn

Becca said...

Dinkles. There I had to say it. haha. I got all teary eyed when I read this post. You & Mike are such amazing people. I feel so overwhelmingly lucky to have lived right next door to you, it has brightened my life more than you will ever know. I'm so excited for you guys to have this adventure ahead of you. I know that you will bring joy to SO many people around you! I only wish that Travis & I could be your next door neighbors forever. I seriously think of you (marci) as one of the coolest, awesome-ist (ha), funniest person I have ever met. :)

Getting teary eyed again.......e

Long live St. George. :)

Becca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becca said...

I'm pretty sure I meant "people" instead of "person"

My lack of sleep has apparently made me lose all knowledge of the English language.

going to bed now. :)

Linda said...

Marci, Marci! I am thrilled that you had one last party at this great house. But, my darling, don't you know? What made this house so great.... all along was YOU kids!? Mi Casa will always be YOUR cASA. dON'T YOU FORGET THAT! By the way....we kinda knew that there had been a good get together when the new big ketchup bottle was almost empty! hahaha. Loved it!

Barbes said...

I'd like to call your attention to the girl in the top left of your 6th grade party picture. Yes, that would be me in what appears to be a garbage bag for a costume. But let me correct you that I was dressed as a bubblegum machine. (What kind of costume is that btw?) A bubblegum machine who's balloons sadly deflated and/or popped by the end of the party. I remember that party and your stop-drop-and-roll experience well. I gave you a necklace and earrings wrapped in a Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate box and you were sorely disappointed to find there was no chocolate involved! Wow, that was quite the walk down memory lane.

I loved this post. Best of luck with the move. Think of it this way - many of your "cyber peeps" like me won't even know you've moved because we never actually see you in the flesh. You'll have a blast wherever you are no doubt.

Amy said...

Oh marce- so many good glimpses into your life. I've loved being part of you life... and loved that flashback to your party. I think about that every once in a while and your stop drop and roll was classic- just like practiced in school! I am so grateful to be able to be your neighbor, your friend.... to have so many wonderful life experiences together that I will never forget. And someday- I hope to live next door again and be able to talk with the lights again! ;)

Marci + Dan said...

Good luck on your upcoming move! I can't wait to hear all your life in a new city.

And can I say how horrible I look in that Senior Committee gals photo? Sheesh. But it was fun to take a gander at the past.