Tuesday, July 14, 2009

these are my confessions, part 2

welcome to segment 2 of "confessions of a...."

i know, back so soon.
i'm telling you, there's lots to confess.
so i'll stop wasting time...and just cut to the chase.

1. the very first CD i ever owned was Fantasy by Mariah Carey. to this day, i can sing every single word to every single track on that album...and basically every Mariah song, for that matter. now, here's the confession part: when i was little, i used to choreograph lipsynchs to Mariah's songs (i wanted to BE Mariah!). i would be in the bathroom for hours doing my hair all sexy-frizzy-curly (c'mon, i was like 8) and snag some of my mom's make-up (sorry, mom!). i remember on the cover of her single CD "One Sweet Day" with Boys 2 Men, she was wearing these short-short-cut-off-denim shorts with this ballet-top that hung over her shoulder (and the bra strap was hangin out...gotta love the 90's). and so i'd always wear something similar (well....my espirit/jordache versions of those things...and my training bra). then i'd convince my neighbor friend, lindi, to come over and be the lights crew...we'd be in my bedroom for hours deciding just the right beats to make the lights go on and off- and when and how she would be my back-up dancer and singer (poor, poor Lindi). once we had a finished project, of course my mom or sister would have to come watch...and we expected standing ovations and phrases like, "wow, you really could be mistaken for Mariah!" "that was fantastic! can i have your autograph?!" "are you Mariah Carey's sister?" stuff like that. i still giggle thinking of those lipsynchs. and still might even remember some of the choreography......

2. i can fall asleep anywhere....and if i'm really, really tired...i might talk in my sleep. not always. but sometimes. in fact, i have been known to have full-on conversations with M while sleeping. from what he tells me, i have two alter-egos: the first is very sweet and kind and angelic. i'll tell him how much i love him and how much i love heaven and strawberries and other embarrassing things like that. the second is angry and feisty and rude. in this crazy state, i tell him that i'm not asleep and that i am not going to bed. i refuse any and all reason...and i might even insult poor M. the only advantage to this little narcoleptic glitch of mine is that i am convinced M will remember all of our conversations before bed because he most likely will have had them twice (that first time before bed and then again the next morning when he re-tells me what he was telling me then). brains brains brains...why are they so strange!?

3. i have a hard time keeping a neat, clean house. (whew! i said it. sweet, sweet liberation!). now don't get me wrong- we are CLEAN. i don't like germs. i don't like dust. i don't like dirty dishes in my sink. what i'm talking about is the clutter. the mess. the toys spread out across our front room because i just can't bare picking them up for the gazillionth time that day...along with some crumbs that were spilt from a baggie of snacks right AFTER i vacuumed (and put it away). i get really overwhelmed when i see the perfection of some homes and how neat and tidy they are. hopefully i'll win this battle against the messy monster...so that my kids won't be that roommate you had in college (you know, the one who NEVER picked her clothes up off of the floor...or wiped the counter clean...or vacuumed...and you wondered to yourself, does she even know how to operate a vacuum?), and so i may gain a little sanity in this crazy zoo i live in.

so there you have it.
3 more confessions.
3 steps closer to losing all respect for me :)

until next time!



Amy said...

good ole' Mariah. I remember once when you came to my house and we listened to her tape and sang along, every word. haha funny times.

I can fall asleep anywhere too... and I do the same thing about refusing to go to bed, not quite sure if I'm half awake or totally asleep, but poor Jeff just loves me and carries me to bed sometimes just so he doesn't have to deal with all the craziness I blurt out.

And you're not alone in keeping a neat house... just when I think I have a system down things get crazy- and there's only two of us!

love the confessions. it's good to know you're a real human too and not some form of superwoman. Although, you always will be superwoman- confessions and all! xoxo

Megs said...

I read this and laughed because Tim & I have a running joke about how much I talk in my sleep - and how good of a listener he is in his.

These don't make me lose respect for you...They makes me gain respect. You are too funny.

jenna said...

i love this idea. although your confessions aren't HALF as revealing as some of mine could be. maybe i should start this little series on my blog.......could be scary.

Barbes said...

Mariah was also my first CD. My sister and I could have given your lips a run for their money!

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow
Cuz babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow
So quiet down cobwebs
Dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby
Because babies don't keep.

Just a few lines that my mom wrote back when she was in your shoes. Let's be honest, what devoted mother really does have an immaculately clean house? I mean, there is always going to be a pile of toys somewhere and a pile of laundry-- even if you finished the laundry this morning. (The perpetual nature of laundry sure gets me down sometimes and I don't even have kids!)

From what I hear though, as kids get older and it gets easier to keep things clean, you'll miss the pile of toys and the nose and hand marks on the window, etc. As crazy as it is to have the clutter, it means there is life, joy and happiness! Family isn't about a spotless floor and clean counters, its about the clutter! Maybe thats just me, though. And if so you can call this the Marci inspired confessions of an-absolutely-not-neat-freak-wifey-who loves treats Part I.

Loved Confessions Part II. Love you!
P.S. Also shared the Mariah love-borderline-obsession back in the day.

Linda said...

Ah! Yes! The shows! How I miss those days of free, you can get it anywhere else entertainment. You girls were adorable and I laughed myself to sleep many times probably humming the Mariah song a heard for the 1ooth time!
MIMI has put on her respectable repertoire as well. ( she still does.)
You are doing a fine job as a mother, wife, and homemaker. Try to cut yourself some slack. I have no little hand prints around anymore. My baby is soon to go away... at times I wish I would have played more and worried less about the chores when you were all small . I loved Celeste's MOM poem!
I am so proud of you and I will see you soon.

Shaylynn said...

Oh you just make me laugh. Celine Dion & Shania Twain were my first CD's. I got them on the same day. I dunno about Mariah. You're lucky to be able to fall asleep wherever. I have to be laying down, and it has to be quite. I'm quite particular.

Kade & Jess said...

that was my first cd as well, as long with the 98* first single. those were the days