Thursday, March 26, 2009

i've got sunshine

on a cloudy day.
when it's cold outside
i've got the month of May.
well, i guess you'll say
what can make me feel this way?

my girl.

*p.s. i'm overwhelmed by all of your love and opinions for the well-being of my hair! stay tuned for my hair-do reveal. i know you're all holding your breath. xoxo*


Shaylynn.. said...

beautiful baby as always! excited to see your hair!

Ju and Brack said...

That smile could brighten any day! She is beautiful. Love her to death.

Amy said...

so adorable! That face will definitely bring cheer to your day!

Ryan Rose said...

You are adorable.

And Marce, I am always glad to share. Unlike you, I do not spend my days bettering the world through raising adorable children and teaching other people's adorable children how to read, so I must content myself with sharing useless viral links :)

And yes, friends are what make the world go round. And I am glad you're one of them!

erin 'n phil said...

that picture is so darling!

Jill said... we have another connection. My little brother married Andrea Billings and she went to school with you! She told me last night..."I saw you are linked on a girl's blog I know, how do you know Marce?" I was like "I don't!!" lol. you remember her? Small world!
This is her blog:

Linda said...

She is one of the reasons the world is a great pace to be.
Can you imagine you were ever happy without her?