Monday, February 23, 2009

catch-up and mustard

i have lots to catch-up on. which makes me think of two things:
1. would you like any mustard with that catch-up?
2. Harry and Lloyd on dumb and dumber where they squirt the ketchup and mustard all up in each others' faces.

don't lie- you laughed when you thought of it.

n e wayz (brought you back to 7th grade yearbook day, didn't i?)

i haven't blogged in a while.
which is SO unlike me.

i am computer-less.
my poor lil mac is still undergoing surgery.

not good.
still waiting to hear from Adam from IT.
*tears roll down cheeks.*

i've been pretty optimistic and happy with the whole thing, all things considered. but its starting to sink in that i might lose all my pics of my little royal cuteness (E, that is)...and i get that real-thick-wad-of-dry-bread-sorta-feeling in my throat. i'll stick with being optimistic. it's easier that way.

back to my catch-up business.

catch-up #1:
love day was simply lovely.
filled with chocolate, kisses, roses, hugs...and everything else that is hallmarkish. LOVED it.
i love LOVE.
i loved reading about your LOVELY days.

catch-up #2
Ellie claps now. so stinkin cute. she also is drinking out of a cup with a sippy cups for my lil E. stubborn thing. she is learning so fast. and gets cuter every day. is it getting redundant that i keep saying that? well, i don't care because i'm gonna keep saying it.

catch-up #3
it was sunny around here for a few days. and i LOVED it. i didn't realize how much i'd been missin' my good 'ol vitamin D. come back, sunshine. please!!

catch-up #4
i used coupons at the grocery store on saturday. TONS of coupons. and it was amazing. never felt so good. it was one of the few times in my life that i had the feeling, "finally i beat the system." i highly recommend it.

catch- up #5
i stink at going to the gym. i'm so inconsistent. why is it so blasted hard to get up extra early in the morning? when do you go to the gym? how can i motivate myself any more?? i obviously am needing some real psychological help. who wouldn't rather stay in their cozy bed than feel winded and sweaty at the gym at 5 am? but then again, who wouldn't rather have a slim butt and firm thighs than...a NOT slim butt and NOT firm thighs.... see my dilemma?

catch-up #6
we are officially addicted to making home-made pizza. we have tried almost all of the recipes you shared with us (thank you! you guys are amazing!) but my favorite was my friend Anne's. if you'd like it, i'd be happy to share. it's easy and SUPPPEEERRR yummy. like i said, we're addicted to it.

catch-up #7
i'm still depressed that Jason let Jillian go home last week. what the heck??

catch-up #8
while i'm on the t.v. thing- is anyone freaking out with how amazing LOST is right now? holy cow. i can't stop thinking about it. for example: "they're on the island again!? get out! i wonder what year they landed on the island." "who the heck is this ben character??? he is such a creep." "is desmond going to die?? the island isn't finished with him yet...what about penny?" i know, i'm obsessed.

catch-up #9
i'm not usually one to solicit prayers...but my grandpa Hartley is really sick right now- and i would love for any extra love and prayers to go his way. thank you in advance :)

well, that's all for now.
sorry it's so bleak with no pictures.
pray for my computer while you're at it :)



The Fredy Family said...

My son went from the bottle to the straw cup also. The sippy cup didn't happen until he was 1 1/2. He could not understand the concept. Anyways. The best straw cup is one made by munchkin. The straw is built into the plastic lid and it looks like one of those flexible straws. This cup never overflowed. All the other straw cups would spill out if gravity and sucking power were combined just right (which seemed to be all the time) and then I would have puddles of water or milk on my furniture.

Sorry to hear about your computer. I would be sick to my stomach also. Mac's are usually pretty good when it comes to not breaking down. I have an external hard drive with all my photos on it. I am going to get a second one as a back up and I also use that backs it up every day and stores them through their website.

Will be thinking good thoughts for you!

I would love for you to post the pizza recipe also!

Hilary said...

I always love reading your posts!! I was SO sad last week about Jillian. I just love her! Little Miss E is adorable. Hope all is well!

Linda said...

Since you love hearing from me:
Your computer will be ok. I think they will be able to fix it.
So happy for our long talks that help us make sense of senseless things. I feel as if I have taken Ibuprofen after I talk to you. I gotta have my Marci fix!
I had a great talk with MIms today. One of those that makes you feel like everything is alright and there is hope galore for all of us! I have more stories to tell you.
Your TV shows sound very entertaining. I think I better keep it to my crime shows and A I .
I am sort of a news junkie but I am starting to get discouraged hearing so many BAD news. I better lay off for a while. Besides your DAD fills me in of the horrible stuff anyways! Wouldn't it be amazing if one day, the news people said: " well! We don't have any bad news today! " everything is OK! The world is in great shape!!" Shocker!
Better go. Have to figure out dinner and still have to put clean sheets on my bed! That's a task I always dislike. I don't know why!
Love you to the highest mountain, where it's spring... and there are NO gyms... just playing with cute babies and puppies!

Megs said...

So great to see a new post! I'm sorry the computer is sick and I will pray for it and your grandpa. Sorry to hear he is sick - that's always rough.

Ashley said...

I've been missing my dose of Marci-ness. Thanks for finally posting!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for your computer and your grandpa. I couldn't imagine loosing all the pictures of my kids, I think I would DIE! So, hang in there, we are praying for you. Maybe you could give Trevor a call and he can help you figure out how to save your pics (it's what he does, you know) :)

carrie said...

I am totally with you on LOST! I'm just as obsessed with you. ....but where the heck is Claire and why is nobody talking or worried about her???? Each week I get more and more intrigued!

Amy said...

Prayers comin your way for your grandpa! Glad to get a little update on all of your fun adventures! Oh and I'd love to get that pizza recipe from you! Thanks friend, love ya!

Staci & David said...

I did the external hard drive thing as well after some scary computer things and I transfer pics to the external every couple of weeks- it saves me so many tears and freak outs. I got a MyBook at WalMart, but they have them at Best Buy and all over- I highly recommend it.:) P.S. If you want access to my blog (no pressure- I have just silently blog-stalked you for a long time and feel a wee bit guilty) e-mail me at (This is Staci (Cox) Cleverley, bytheway...:)) I love reading your adventures!:)