Tuesday, January 20, 2009

world wide web.

i realized something this last weekend:
i'm an addict.

an addict to the computer.
each day, i go through the normal website checklist:
my blog....check.
ellie's blog....check.
baby steals....check.
whiskey militia....check.
my blog again...check.
my email again...check.
you tube...check.

the list really could go on and on.
and really, it is pretty ridiculous.
i realized just how ridiculous it was when i left my computer at my school this last weekend...and had to survive 4 whole days without it.

it was rough in the streets.

i had about 30 seconds with the thought: "this is actually kind of nice to just BE without being connected 24-7." well, that thought died as soon as i wanted to google my lesson for Sunday, or the phone number for Red Robin, or the movie reviews for Bedtime Stories, or a pizza dough recipe that one of you fabulous readers gave me a few months ago.... yeah, i can't live without the internet.

so to celebrate my addiction, i give you this hilarious video, brought to you by the wonderful YOU TUBE.

oh, and a picture of my cute Ellie, too (uploadable to blogger, thanks to the world wide web)


Linda said...

Ah, hahaha!
Ok. So I have migraine, and I am still laughing out loud. I took some strong meds and I am sure the head discomfort will go away soon... but I already feel better, thanks to you.
It was so nice to hear your voice yesterday! Have a happy day!

Danielle said...

I'm the same way! When we first got here to Baltimore, it took 4 weeks or something to get our internet switched to our new address and I never realized how addicted I am... email, blog, facebook, addresses, finding phone numbers, google maps. Kind of sad.

Katie Cook Oborn said...

I'm with you on this one. Any down time I have at work, it's like... "Oh I better check my blog, or email, etc." It's pretty disgusting. If you find a cure, share the light and truth.

Clay and Jenna said...

Im in your boat!!! We should start a support group and get together....:)

Erika said...

Oh my gosh! I am totally addicted to the internet too!

erin said...

I freakin' love that youtube video. and I'm addicted too. I am on the internet on my phone all day when I can't get to my laptop.

* Anne * said...

I agree. I'm so glad we live in times of technology. :)

Debra said...

Oh that video made me laugh! I so added that song to my playlist....I just need to watch his moves a couple more times and I think I'll be able to groove just like him.

Marce, you're the best. Seriously thanks for the laughs always.

Aaron and Ashley said...

Looks like everyone feels the same way you do! I always head straight for the computer as soon as Finn is napping because being on the computer when he is awake is pretty much impossible.

david santos said...