Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas looks like...

{snow out my window}

{Ellie on Santa's lap}

{a prettily trimmed tree}

{presents and stockings}

{including...a present for my holiday blog giveaway winner!}

yes, this is a day late (let me introduce you all to my friend late: late, meet the readers, readers, meet late. hopefully late is just visiting...he's one of those unwelcome guests that just drops in without any notice and opens the fridge without even asking. ugh). but to make up for that, i let my holiday spirit shine, and included all comments, even if they were late, to be entered into my giveaway. so. anyways.

drum roll please:
  1. Debra
  2. Barbes
  3. Alesa
  4. JoSue
  5. Lali Johnson
  6. Lali Johnson
  7. Linda
  8. Beachbummin
  9. Ju and Brack
  10. Jons and Celeste Leigh
  11. Matt
  12. Lindsay Peterson
  13. Clay Jenna and JJ
  14. Linda
  15. Becca
  16. Steph and Tony
  17. The Oldham's
  18. Joni and Rico Adams
  19. Cassidy and AE Harris
  20. Torrie and the girls
  21. Debra
  22. Steph and Tony
  23. dolls123
  24. Puggles
  25. Aaron & Ashley
  26. Megs
  27. Mark
  28. Rach
  29. Linda
  30. Anne
  31. Bartonbeat
  32. Rachel
  33. Hilary
  34. Lali Johnson
  35. Ed and Kelli
  36. Clay Jenna and JJ
  37. Kristi
  38. Kristi
  39. Mike
  40. Caleb and Danyelle Heder
  41. Puggles
  42. Kate
  43. Amy
  44. Megan
  45. Kristi
  46. Monica
  47. Erin
  48. Kristi
  49. Kimberly
yes, Debra, that's right, you've WON! you told me you were feelin' lucky...and my randomizer must've known it. now, i obviously need your address (even though we know where you live) so i can send you your goods.

all other readers...this was SO fun. i LOVED all of your comments (as i always do)- you know how to make this little 1/2 cuban's heart swell and feel special. and, of course, don't be sad! i'm sure santa will make all your dreams come true in a short 9 days! (but who's counting??) plus, i promise to do another giveaway soon...like maybe in the bleak month of january.....or february...or march... who knows. but stay tuned, whenever it is, it's sure to be great...and found only here at ballroomandbiscotti.

Merry Christmas!

*p.s. i had some comments from people on this giveaway whose blogs i am not invited to. please, pretty please, will you invite me? i don't know how else to contact you other than writing on this thing-a-majig. but then again, i don't want to write my personal email address on my public blog post. what's a girl to do?? suggestions?* xoxo


Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

I love the picture of Ellie sitting on Santa's lap! So cute!

Anonymous said...

so, I am a little perturbed that I didn't win :(
but, the picture of Ellie on santa's lap TOTALLY makes up for it. She is darling!

Linda said...

Marci all the Christmasing looks great!!! You are such an elf!
But Ellie tops it all... that Santa looks like the real genuine article! WoW! And Ellie looked like his little Elf! Remember our grumpy Santa? The one we took MIMI to? He's still there! And still not smiling! Kris Kringle from Miracle on 42nd Street should pay him a little visit! Congratulations Debra! Merry Christmas to all you wonderful blog friends!

Debra said...

Seriously? I won?! This is me doing my happy dance and just be so glad that you are not here to see it this morning because I am one un-cordinated lady. Hooray!!!

And no need to introduce me to your friend Mr. Late. He was at my house on Sunday. Thus the reason your stomach rumbled for an additional two hours longer than I said it would.

Oh Marci, thank you, thankyou, and gracias. You are the best!

Megs said...

Marci - we changed our url to http://megsandtim.blogspot.com to eliminate our last names!

Love all the pictures - cute Christmas stuff!

The Peterson's said...

I love the snow for Christmas. Here in AZ I am really missing it!

Clay Jenna and JJ said...

sad I lost...can I still have the recipe??? E is a doll, serious! Look how cute she is on Santa's lap:)

Scott & Rach said...

here is my email
rachelthale@gmail.com I want to invite you to my blog. Your little Ellie is getting so big and cute! Hope you had a fabulous christmas with all your cuban family! sounds fun to me;)