Monday, November 10, 2008

a little bit of this...

and a little bit of that is the best way to describe this last weekend...which now seems so far away. what is it with weekends? they come and go...always leaving me wanting more. ugh.


on friday night, we took our little ellie bear to build-a-bear so she could build her own little friend. ok, really, can a five month old build her own bear? no. so, mike and i did it all...but ellie was right in on all the action...watching the fluffy machine very curiously, putting bear hearts in her mouth (seriously, what doesn't go in her mouth?), and observing the lady stitch up her bear's back.

{the finished product. isn't she sweet?}

mike and i put a little recording of our voices in each of the is so funny to see her curiously stare at the little bear when she hears our voice comes out of there... it's like you can see her brain working "how's mom's voice coming out of there?" she's a genius, i swear.

anyway, she LOVES the bear.
she smiles at it.
and caresses it.
and hugs it.
melts my heart.

so, thanks to mark & carrie for the sweet gift! we loved the excuse to get out...and ellie LOVES her new friend.

on saturday morning, i woke up and did the unthinkable:
yes! me! MC hammer, the craft-o-phobic.
it was our relief society super saturday...and i did some crafts.
and i enjoyed it.
sorry, there are no pictures yet...i'm not all the way finished. but when i craftiness will surely make its blog debut.

then, we went to the BYU game. M is a little...sad. because it was our last game as BYU students (well, i mean, i'm no longer a student...but i feel like one by default as a student's wife). it was a strange, strange reality to behold. i think M is in denial.

strangely, Ellie didn't get tired at the BYU game. which was NOT good. usually she falls asleep in the bjorn...and while in the picture above she looks like she's wiped out...she's not. she was wide awake.

we had a birthday party to go to (happy birthday cute hailey!)...and so i took cranky-wide-awake Ellie...and the unthinkable happened:

she crashed! ON MY SHOULDER! she never just falls alseep in my arms like that. and when i say that, i mean that. if i am a craft-o-phobic person, ellie is a sleep-o-phobic... so i have to admit, this little moment was a treasure for me.

after the crafts, the game, and the birthday party (i'm getting exhausted just typing all of this...whew), we played a little bit with ellie {who continues to make crazy progress in the moving department):

and then i's my turn to teach tomorrow.

which leads me to this:
i got released as the primary pianist.
i am now in the YW presidency.
a happy change for me.

so i prepared my first lesson.
which i think went ok.
only one girl present.

so, now you can maybe see why i was tired yesterday...and why i just wanted to veg out and read goose girl all day. and i did. and i liked it.

and, just because ellie looked SO cute yesterday, i have to post a couple more more pic's.

goodbye, yet another weekend. hope to see you again soon.



Our Family said...

Your little girl is sooo cute! It's makes me I think I might need one of those. She looks just like you. In fact, there's a picture of her as Pebbles that looks a ton like your mom. When are you going to bring her to my house for me to play with?

Montgomery Family said...

Hi Marci, call me crazy but I kind of think Ellie and Paige look alike. Is it just me? I know Ellie has brown hair and brown eyes and Paige has blonde hair and blue eyes, but there's something. Maybe it's the cheeks...not too chubby, but oh so kissable! I don't know what it is. Ellie is so beautiful.

I get all of Paige's little clips at Target. She has just enough hair now for the bows, but they don't stay in quite as well. They have the same kind at Wal Mart but the colors (in my opinion) aren't as cute as the ones at Target. I take them out everytime Paige naps because I'm so paranoid she will pull it out and swallow it, so I've had to buy a lot. I set them down and they are never to be found again. They are so teeny!! So be prepared! I hope they work for Ellie's gorgeous locks!!

Lali Johnson said...

Ellie's face in that last picture is just CLASSIC! I love it!

Linda said...

What a weekend! I am glad that you got " creative" ... that does good to a woman's heart... and that you played hard and worked hard makes for a perfect weekend. I can't get enough pictures of Ellie. Every time I scroll through the last one I go: " ohhhhhh"... so keep them coming. I know it's a lot of work, but THANKS ! I feel like you are not so far when I read your BLOGs. Give our little Ellie a squeeze! I loved her bear. What's her official name? Awesome gift! Ellie has many looks... sometimes she looks like YOU.... then like Mike! So fun! I love you all!

Ashlee and Jake said...

I love her build-a-bear! It is so cute!
What a cute picture with her sleeping in your arms!

ClaysJenna said...

Marce, is it possible that she just keeps getting cuter and cuter?? I love that last picture...priceless. I just adore her...

Tiffany Johnson said...

Your lesson was amazing! :-) and we loved having you at Hailey's birthday. I know Ellie was just itching to get in on some of that bounciness! :-) Some day, little Ellie, someday! And your crafts... i'm sure turned out amazing. I have a secret to finishing them if you want to know! :-) ttyl!