Wednesday, October 15, 2008

pun-kin land

and so it was that all of my five-year old kindergartner's wildest dreams came true:

today was field trip day.

we went to "pun-kin land," as most of my kids call it. we got to walk around a huge corn maze, enjoy a small petting zoo, play on a huge (overly crowded) playground, go through a not-so-spooky spook house, and pick their very own pun-kin from "all the pun-kins in the whole wide world," as explained by my little friends.

what a fun, memorable day.

{cutest stinkers on the planet}


jaci said...

looks like a blast! hope you had some parents to help keep track of those cute little stinkers!!

Josh and Hilary said...

Look how cute the little munchkins are!! Thanks for all your nice comments. Lauren is SO old and grown up. She'll tell you all about it, if you let her. Miss you. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Candace said...


Thanks again for the adorable Halloween gift! There will be more pumpkin spirit and candy in our house to help celebrate the holiday now.

When you can, add me to ellie's blog please. It's You will LOVE your new camera. I really want an SLR one day myself.


Linda said...

To me... kids are the nearest thing to " heaven". I know it can be hard at times... but what a blast for you... and them that you have each other. Looks like so much fun and what cute kids!