Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10:30 pm = treat craving.

it's 10:30 pm...and around this time is when i always find myself wanting a treat.

not just any treat.

i want frozen yogurt.

with mangoes. and kiwis.

from this place.


is anyone else addicted to frozen yogurt like i am?
gee whiz, i really thought cravings were supposed to end with pregnancy.


Amy said...

oooo yummy! I love frozen yogurt! There's not a whole lot close by out here- which is good and bad I suppose. I will always and forever be a fan of TCBY white chocolate mousse with sprinkles! :)

Ashlee and Jake said...

Yum!!! I wish I lived in Utah County. Maybe I will tell Jake while we are at Cabela's tonight we need to go a little further to get yogurt! It looks so good!