Sunday, September 14, 2008

gummy bears, please.

on friday, after running out of diapers, YET AGAIN, M asked me if i needed anything else at the store.

"i'd like some gummy bears," i responded politely.

a short 15 minutes later, i saw the swan (our white '01 corolla) pull up to our place.

through the windshield, i saw M hold up this beauty:

it's kinda hard to tell, but this is a FIVE POUND bag of gummy bears. take a peek inside the bag:

confession: today is sunday...a short two days later...and the bag is almost empty. maybe two gummy grabs left.

how to remedy this problem?

heading to the gym tomorrow. first time in months. gotta work some of those gummy bears out of my ever-growing hips.


Davis and Quinton said...

Ellie is such a doll!! Im glad the outing was a success for all.

That particular bag of gummy bears is the yummiest I have ever eaten. My dad buys a bag a week and I go over just so he wont eat the whole bag by himself. ;)

You dont have to work off gummy bears, in my world they are fat free sugar free.

Christy said...

Haha you make me laugh :) I love gummy bears but they hurt my teeth. Boo.

Good to see you and your lil one yesterday! She's a doll! And your mom is hilarious... she's the perfect grandma out there! I bet she loves it.

PS. I notice we have the same background. Out of allllllll the backgrounds out there... we have similar taste I guess! Sorry :)

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Ah! Marci we are so alike! I made the exact same impulse buy last week! But they were ON SALE at Smiths, how could I say no?!

ClaysJenna said...

Yum!! Those sound really yummy right now, I might have to run to the store now...:)

Anonymous said...

haha! that is totally awesome! good luck at the gym, you have more conviction then I do.

RaCh said...

hey if you keep doing what you do 99% of the time you can eat ALL the gummy bears you WANT!

Thanks so much for all your sweet birthday messages. I sure love you friend!

Erika said...

My mom buys that bag all the time for my autistic brother, he loves those!