Wednesday, September 24, 2008

feelin' girly.

i don't really consider myself a "girly girl." no offense or anything to all of you out's just never really been me to choose pink, chocolate and shopping above any and everything else.

however, i do have moments of extreme girlyness. today, for instance, i neglected all edges of my responsible self (laundry, cooking, cleaning) to watch my two favorite girly movies: You've Got Mail and Pride and Prejudice...i did this while giving myself a manicure, blogging, and eating my very own bowl of popcorn. (very girly)

i adore you've got mail. i remember watching it for the first time in high school with a bunch of my girl friends at an 80's sleepover. i remember it brought out everything lovely, romantic and girly in me then. it did the same thing to me today. except now, i quote the whole movie as i watch it. i seriously wish i was as witty as kathleen kelly. and as adorable. "i love daisies...they're so friendly. don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" sigh.

and then there's Pride and Prejudice...what a treasure. a book i've read countless times, and a movie i never tire of. i recently read on Nie Nie's blog "I left the theater...thinking how lucky I am that I have my very own Mr. Darcy. I hope you have one too." everyone deserves a Mr. Darcy. i love my Mr. much. (mega girly).

confession: i have loved feeling girly today. i think every girl should embrace some girlyness every once in a while. in fact, to all my girly readers out do you celebrate your girlyness?


Linda said...

By watching my ' girly" daughters...(Marci, Courtney and MIMI) I love to go get manicures, or pedicures or if I really want to splurge... a massage! Also... by being with " girly" Ellie. Marci don't you think is the funnest thing to dress her up! ? DAD makes fun of me when I watch my Pride and Prejudice! ( at least once a month!)
Viva las mujeres! Besitos! to my clever girly gal.

Alisha Stamper said...

hey lady. i'm all about the warm steamy bath with salts or bubbles. the bathroom quickly becomes the only place you are truly alone. ahaha!

Davis and Quinton said...

i love to get all dressed up in a new outfit and new shoes, perhaps a new bag, with freshly painted nails and toes. i do a little extra eye make up to make it special and a night on the town dancing and laughing with my girls who are all the most girly girls i have ever met in my life.

if choosing shopping over anything else means im girly.. i guess im in.

Amy said...

I sooo love those movies as well! And when I saw that on Nie's blog, I got goosebumps, so sweet!

I think painted finger nails does the trick... such a little thing that makes a big difference.

And a nice bubble bath is always a plus!

Dave Cook said...

Little Women, pedicure,spa smelly type stuff,chocolate cake. :) I'm glad you took some girly time for your self.

Megs said...

I feel girly now that I'm pregnant with a girl. I hate pink, yet I'm buying pink things left and right - and not because that's all there is in the stores, but because I honestly think it's cute! I'm all of a sudden doing crafty things and enjoying doing all the motherly things...getting ready I suppose.

Dave Cook said...

Just to clear things up a bit, that last comment from me was actually from Megan. Although I DO like chocolate cake. :)

Tiffany Johnson said...

hmmm... how do I feel girly? I've gotten pretty good at feeling childish with Barney and Cinderella, however if I revert back to my infant days before Hailey became a toddler and now rules the television and any personal space or time that I have, I would say that my girly movie of choice would be something along the lines of all the ones previously listed and any other sappy chick flick (love them). But other than that, I love getting my hair done, getting dressed up and going on dates with Nate and definitely pedicures. It's been a long time since i've worried about my toes. They look pretty sad! :-)