Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i remember when i was a teenager...i used to buy the newest seventeen magazine every time i went to the grocery store with my mom. i remember looking at the models...and all of the fashion tips in this magazine, wondering when i'd ever be seventeen... and now, my baby sister is seventeen! seriously, what happened? many of you will remember miss Mimi as the most adorable little girl on earth- with dark skin and the most beautiful green eyes you've ever seen...and the most hilarious sense of humor. none of that has changed, except the little girl part. she has transformed from that adorable little sister to a gorgeous friend of mine...who everyone mistakes as my older sister. seriously. it's kind of depressing to have graduated from college, be working in the real world, be married, and have a baby...and still be asked what grade i'm in. anyway, sorry this is a bit belated...but i hope your birthday was fabulous, Mimi! thank goodness you were born...our family would be so dull without you! i miss you like crazy and can't wait to give you a big squeeze in a few weeks.



Cassidy and AE Harris said...

I love your sister... wait I love your family! ha ha they are the greatest. Ellie is beautiful.

Amy said...

I can't believe she's 17, crazy! And I get mistaken for the younger sister (of chrissy) all the time as well. I guess in a few years it'll be nice. but not now.

I love the photo collage. How'd you make that?

Linda said...

Marci, Marci, Marci! You are the best sister and one of "my " gorgeous friends. Funny. Ruth CHeney brought her a 17 magazine for her B-Day. I am hanging on to MIMI for dear life! Where have all the years gone? It is sureal at times. I miss you terribly. But I will see your beautiful blue eyes, hear you laugh... and hold sweet baby Ellie real soon.
Love you tons,

Jylaire said...

You can't believe she's 17, and neither can I! Seriously, I was around when she was born, and I was practically a teenager! Now I'm feeling sort of old!