Thursday, February 14, 2008


i love LOVE, in all of its forms. i think that's why i love today; a whole day to celebrate one of my favorite things; LOVE. you get to tell everyone how you really feel...without feeling corny or bridled. 5 year olds give the cutest little cards they've found to show their love. chocolates are commonplace, roses are a bloom everywhere amidst the bleak winter, and romantic songs dance their way across the radio. (sigh).

i haven't always loved this holiday. i remember in high school having many Valentine disappointments...and i remember thinking to myself, "i hate valentine's day." but now, in my semi-grown-up body, thanks to the man of my dreams, this day of love rejuvenates me, inspires me and makes me feel all romantic inside. in fact, it makes me want to pull out a blanket, snuggle up with my favorite M and some hot ch0colate and watch you've got mail.

i hope all of you feel the LOVE today. tell someone you love them. give them a hug. write them a note. eat chocolates. watch a sappy movie. whatever you do, remember:
love is a many splendored thing
love lifts us up where we belong
all you need is love.


erin said...

well said Marci.

Ju & Brack said...

I LOVE YOU!!! I hope you have the best Valentine's day ever. I hope you have plenty of time to snuggle with Mike!!

Courtney said...

i love love too!

andrew & jenna said...

marci-i went private and never got your e-mail. perhaps you are not interested in the rantings of our mundane life-which is completely normal. in case you are e-mail me your e-mail at