Wednesday, November 7, 2007

please, give me a beach.

i wish utah had a beach.
The Beach that I want

i know this is greedy...but really, what purpose does the Great Salt Lake serve? Other than providing beautiful scenery for movies like Pirates of the Caribbean once it dehydrates itself into something that has rightfully earned the title, "The Salt Flats," (being overwhelmingly salty and nothing but flat) the Great Salt Lake does nothing but provide beautiful mountain reflections and a putrid smell that would give anyone a headache.

The Salt Flats

i remember the first time i saw the GSL. I was 10...maybe 11. we had just moved from Southern California. i missed the ocean sorely. one day, i told my mom, "is there a beach in Utah?" and my mom told me, "No, there's not a beach here. But there's a Great Salt Lake that looks just like the ocean because it's so big! Maybe we should go there!"

well, i got so excited- i got my swim suit on. i got my sunblock. i got the umbrella and my beach bag together. i got all my sand toys to make a sand castle. i got my towel...i was geared up for utah's beach.

i was about to be disappointed.

The Great Salt Lake

so my mom, my dad, my brother, my little sister and i all loaded up in our white '91 Ford Explorer for the Great Salt Lake. i was a little too excited for this depressing affair. about 30 minutes later, we arrived to a sandless beach and a huge body of water. "get in!" my dad said.

so i did.

it was a disgusting experience. you can't stop yourself from floating. your skin becomes so thirsty it could die. and don't you even think about dunking your head in the water...if that salt gets in your eye, plan on a 2 week blinding disease.

needless to say, for the last 12 years, i've ached for an ocean breeze. i have dreamt of a nice wave to surf. i've wanted that MILDLY salty aroma of the ocean to accompany me while basking in some coastal sun. some may tell me, "Well, move then." but i don't want to move. i want the ocean to move to me.

i wish utah had a beach. (sigh)

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Dave Cook said...

You know, Utah has more coastline than the entire west coast of the United States. Plenty of reservoirs around with sandy beaches and FRESH water. :) I know, I know, not the same, but if you really need to lay in the sun and build sand castles you can.