Friday, August 10, 2007

frogs, fishing, falling and frolicking in tahoe

Lake Tahoe...what a miraculous place. It's going to places such as these that makes me wonder, "How do people not believe in God? or a Greater Being?" The stars were breath-taking, theLake Tahoe! What a trees reached the clouds, the mountains rolled and the lakes hid themselves in crevices full of wild-life. From Day-1, it was an adventure.
I finished my last day of work on Friday, and we got all packed up, ready to go. We were going to drive to Kaysville to stay at my parent's casa to hang out for the night. We got everything ready to go and were out the door by about 6:30 pm. Swan (our graceful white toyota corolla) was loaded up, ready to go. As we glided on to I-15, Swan starts shaking profusely. What the crap is going on?, we thought. Earlier that day, Mike had taken the car in to have the oil changed and the tires rotated...well, let's just say that some mechanics are IDIOTS. We pull up to Wal-Mart Tire and Lube with our sick Swan (thinking they're the only ones who could possibly open this late) and low and behold, they have like a 2 hour wait...SO Mike has the idea, Pep Boys! So we cruise on over to Pep Boys, Swan coughing the whole way, and they tell us that the people who rotated the tires didn't tighten the lug-nuts, they didn't balance them, and that two of our tires are so balled, they're ready to explode into their very own fireworks show. $150 dollars later, and at 10:00 pm, we were on our way to Kaysville. Gee-whiz. So we rolled into the casa hartley around 11:00 pm...just in time for bed. Great start.
Day 2: we woke up at the crack of dawn, ready for some real fun. Before we knew it, we were in and out of Winnemuca's summer car show spectacular and cruising through Reno...and then, the breath-taking surroundings engulfed us on every side...trees, lakes, birds, bugs (evident by increasing numbers on our windshield)...we were in Lake Tahoe.
That night, we went for the first ATV ride. And boy, did we do it in style. We rode up to Lake Sterling, but Mike and I got lost (following suit to the rest of the weekends' activities) and I conveniently crashed into a log, which flew me off of my machine onto the dust-filled trail. Save the scrape on my knee and a new whole in my denims, I was fine. Lake Tahoe was going to be an adventure.
Day 3: We again woke up early to go to church in Tahoe City. I was basically limping around in church, but that's alright. It was worth being a "hard-core" atv-er. Sunday was a fun day spent almost quite entirely playing the wii...or taking breaks to eat or pee...then playing the wii some more. Even Mike's parents got in on the action by playing Tanks or Tennis. They were pretty intense competition! And I have to admit...i stink at both.
Day 4: We got to go into Lake Tahoe today...we went on a couple rides...slept was a lot of fun. we also went on a really fun ride where we got to hike a round a really beautiful lake...and even see a couple of frogs along the sides of the rocks. It was a lot of fun and so rewarding to see the vast beauty tucked away in the hills of Tahoe's forests.
Day 5: Mike and I went adventuring...and decided to go fishing today. Since we wanted to fish, we were left in the dilemma of what we were going to do about fishing poles....not having them wouldn't stop us from sir-ree bob. So, we went out "stick" hunting to make our very own poles from scratch. we finally found some winners and began carving away. Mike is actually quite good at it. It reminded me of these interesting fellows we saw at the Harry Potter party who devoted much of their lives to hand-carving wands (that really don't serve any purpose other than looking pretty freakin cool). Well, our sticks transformed at the hand of master-carver Mike into awesome poles. Since it took us so long to put these contraptions together, we didn't get time to actually fish...instead, we decided to wake up the next morning to go. That night, we took the TV outside and watched "Maid in Manhatten." I would definitely encourage anyone who is considering watching a movie outside to do so snuggled with a blanket by the fire underneath Lake Tahoe stars. It was awesome.

Day 6: Fishing Day. We didn't catch anything, but boy was it memorable. Mike and I kept climbing through rocks, trying to get our bait in any crevice that there might be fish frolicking around...but i think waking up at 9:30 doesn't really leave the cream of the crop for us fishermen/women.

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