Saturday, August 10, 2013

Girls n' Gammy-cation

so M and i took a trip to Kauai.....without the girls! and we had an amazing time.  one of the main reasons we were able to have such a wonderful time away was because i didn't worry for one mili-second about my girls. i knew that they were having their own magical, love-filled vacation with Gammy + Pops.

we face-timed them several times while we were there, and Gammy sent me pleennntttyy of pictures to keep us missing them and talking about them endlessly. they had tea parties, swam non-stop, went out to breakfast and dinners, had bbqs, roasted mallows, went to their favorite petting zoo, played tons of music, took delicious bubble baths, and did so much more.

while we had a wonderful time away, we missed them like crazy and we found ourselves jabbering on and on about how much they'd love Kauai. in spite of that, i looovvved that they loved their time away. i'm so grateful for my parents who stepped in so we could have that trip. my girls still talk about their special vacation at Gammy + Pops' house without Mama & Daddy. they felt like such big girls - and had the best time.such a wonderful time, that when it came time to say goodbye to Gammy, Alice bawled her eyes out and begggggged for Gammy to come home with us. now that is the truest expression of love, right there.

thank you Gammy + Pops for loving these girls so much! they sure love you back and then some.


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