Tuesday, August 20, 2013

end of Summer things

we came home from Kauai and had endless amounts of Summer fun.

swimming and sleepovers at grandma & grandpas 

lazy days curled up with a book or laying out on the grass:

visiting Ellie's new Elementary School with the cutest painted mural in the history of ever:

hitting up fairyland with some of our favorite little friends (a summer must excursion) :

^^ one of my favorite moments was when my friend Jenny was being all nice and took most of the kids with her in one train car....making it pretttty dang full, and then a random man and his son climbing aboard, even though there were other empty train cars. yeah. it was awesome.

^^ i also loved how wearing her heels got Alice on some extra rides! who knew theme parks in heels could be so sneakily useful.

we also soaked up some beautiful park days:

some back-to-school shopping:

and lots and lots of swimming with friends:

i mean, look how adorable these little humans are!

on the night before the first day of school, we had a little cookies + milk party to celebrate. what a wonderful summer it was. definitely one for the books.


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