Friday, April 25, 2014

April 2014: Spring Break

it kind of sounds like we are all going into hibernation or like something terribly sad is about to happen with all these posts that talk about "trying to get in as much fun as possible" before baby comes. but maybe it's just that i know a little tiny baby human just throws you on a roller  coaster that you have absolutely no control over for a good long while. and also i know that the other kids get this awesome new sibling...but that also means that they get a new boss who decides a lot of what they get to do and don't get to do...especially outings wise. basically, i'm a wuss when it comes to outings with a lil baby human, especially the thought of outings being outnumbered. i know it's gonna be great, but it's also gonna be....different too. so for spring break, we fit in tons of girly fun activities that babies (especially baby boys) wouldn't enjoy.

1) flying kites. ok this doesn't really fall into that category at all- but the girls got kites for Easter and so it was the perfect kick-off to spring break to fly them all night. the girls love love loved flying those kites!

2) this totally falls under that girly non-baby activity.....going to the American Girl Doll store. oh man the girls loved this! they got American Girl dolls from Santa, and i gave them a little bit of money each to go and buy a little outfit for their American Girl dolls. they had a total blast doing this! and i had a total blast watching them. is it weird that i want one? because i do. i never got one when i was little and i still feel a little jipped by that. luckily i can live vicariously through them.

3) we went to the book store and i let them each pick a book. such a simple thing to do, but always my very favorite activity. booooooooks! they get me every time.

4) we went to Six Flags- we have season passes, but this place never gets old! this girls love "six-a-flags!" (as Alice calls it).

5) at the Hunts Christmas party this past December, we won a $100 gift card to Benihana -- so after Six Flags, we took the kids there for their very first time. i loved watching their little faces- they devoured every bite! such a fun place. wish we could go all the time.

 6) for our last day, it was pouring rain, so we had to do something i took the girls to Color Me Mine for the first time. together we decided that we'd paint a little tea set of our own; Ellie painted her own teacup and plate, Alice painted her own teacup and plate, and i painted a tea pot. they all turned out so cute! it was such a fun afternoon with these lil girly ladies - can't wait to take them back and do it again someday as a girl's date.

all in all, it was a totally fun little staycation and i loved our fun last little memories before life changes again.


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