Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a San Clemente Christmas: New Year's Eve Bash

foreword: a few years ago, M's mom had the idea of decorating hats on New Years Eve, then visiting someone in the ward with some treats/our decked out hats. it was so fun that i suggested we do the same thing with my fam this year.

and so we did just that.

a San Clemente New Year's Eve looks like a mad-dash to the dollar store, where we each bought tons of random junk to decorate some new year's hats with.

a San Clemente New Year's Eve looks super glitsy and glamorous.

a San Clemente New Year's Eve looks like lots of cray cray's with a hot glue-gun, bejewling their own hats in style. i loved how everyone got super into it, and their personalities really shone through. M's hat was my favorite- even though you can't see it very well.

a San Clemente New Year's Eve looks like my mom and sister accidentally wearing the exact same outfit. classic!

a San Clemente New Year's Eve looks like everyone wearing their crazy hats, and then showing them off to a bunch of my parents' neighbors and ward friends. i'm sure they were a teensy bit embarrassed for us.

a San Clemente New Year's Eve looks like ringing in the like 9:11 pm. it wasn't even on the hour! but they were grumpy and ready for bed, so we did a count-down...and they didn't even know the difference (i'm assuming this is one of the last years i'll be able to trick Ellie like that).

 a San Clemente New Year's Eve looks like all of us adults snuggled up and watched a movie- and then ringing a pretty anticlimactic new year. i mean, isn't it always kind of anti-climactic when you don't drink booze and aren't out clubbin?


annnnnyyywwwayyy, can't believe it's been 2013 for a whole month already. time is speeeeeeeding by -- but we're so looking forward to what another year has in store for our lil fam. happy 2013, peeps!

and that sums up our San Clemente Christmas! a special thanks to Gammy + Pops for making it so special and memorable. whew. still have a couple of more posts up my sleeve (like my annual letter) but i'm feeling pretty relieved. i'm sure you are too.


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Ali and Bryan Packard said...

You guys are just the cutest! I love seeing these pics! It definitely makes me wish we lived closer. Genius on the fake countdown...totally doing that with Henry next year;)