Monday, June 18, 2012

lucky number 7.

today M and i have been married for 7 years.

for the first time since we've been married, it doesn't feel like it was just yesterday. our wedding suddenly feels like it was a long time ago, and like we were just kids then.

and so i dug out our wedding book and started looking at pictures of our day to try to make it feel a little more recent.

we basically laughed and danced non-stop the whole day. and of course, we looked deliriously, infectiously happy and in love.

unfortunately we haven't laughed or danced non-stop these last 7 years- but there has been a whole lot of laughter and dancing- and there has definitely been an overwhelming amount of love and happiness.

marriage is hard work. it's so different than i imagined it to be- in a good way- but different, nonetheless. sometimes i want to punch M in the face because i can't believe he actually just fell asleep again WHILE i was talking to him. other times i want to hug him so tight that he might die from over-squeezing arms because i have so much overwhelming love for him. he's the guy that drives me nuts, and that i am nuts about. i love him for making me so crazy and for taking all the crazy away...sometimes by being crazy and making me laugh all over again.

happy 7 years Mr. Chapman- you're still my favorite person to hug.



Tiffany said...

such a sweet post :) happy anniversary, you two! Isn't it so fun to look back on your wedding day pics and reminisce? We always watch our wedding video and look through our big wedding album on our anniversary, and this was the first year we couldn't cuz everything is in storage in Az :(

Tara T said...

This is such a sweet post. You two really do look deliriously, infectiously happy and in love. :)
Happy anniversary!

Megan said...

happy anniversary! all the best couples celebrate in june ;) and I kinda hate you both for not having aged in 7 years. fountain of youth?! share your secrets.

Ashley Aikele said...

Cute! So glad we ALMOST share the same anniversary. I'm taking notes cuz you guys are one of my favorite couples/families!

ps. I am dying at your mermaid party post. I just love all the little details. Can I crown you the party QUEEN?