Wednesday, October 19, 2011

being a bloggaholic is time consuming.

i'm sorry. i just don't have time to tell another story today (especially with gimpy pinky over here, making it a funky process to type anything).

but i thought these pictures might hold you off till tomorrow.

some photobooth fun from Alice's little circus birthday party:

fun, huh!?
the party was a total riot.
and yes, i just rocked the word riot like it was 1993.
we'll chat again soon.



Linda said...

I love these pictures. Oh my goodness.... I have laughed so hard reading these posts. Marci, you MUST write a book.... all these stories can be turned into children's books too! I know a couple of awesome illustrators! ;) You are a hilarious human no doubt. Your " dedito" will be OK.... just another little battle wound to proof that " you really lived!".
Alice at the beach.... gorgeous pictures, and " GRATITUDE" is all that comes to mind. I am sorry you all had to experience that.
I have my BIRTHDAY photo booth pictures proudly displayed in the kitchen with Ellies painting. So glad you " made us" do that! I think Ellie's is the funniest.

Rebecca & Jeff said...

That is an awesome idea! Love it. p.s. you are an amazing blogger. You've inspired me to be better, or at least try. Hope you don't mind me blog-stalking. :) p.s. Your post about ragnar was awesome!