Friday, June 17, 2011

holga: summer-time.

hope you're enjoying your warm-sunny-summer days! 



we just can't get enough around here. 
have a sunshine-y, lovely weekend!



Megs said... how cute are those pictures? Love that you showed us all more pictures of miss alice in her swimsuit. Still sad it doesn't come in my size :( Tim & I have talked about it lately and we want to move somewhere with a nice big backyard - yours looks heavenly. :) I sent you an email with tips on that minima problem you're having. Let me know if you need any help.

And 'Lost' is AWESOME. I seriously can't get enough. I may or may not have forced the hubby to watch 4 episodes with me last night.

Linda said...

Best part of summer: KIDS! Playing, laughing, giggling away everywhere.... they are everywhere! At the market, at the movies, at the park.... streets are filled with them and the neighborhood is hopping with bikes, strollers, lemonade stands.... love, love, love it! Except you are all so far. thank you for the wonderful pictures. It makes me feel a part of your summertime fun. Love you and kiss you all...the girls look adorable in their swimsuits. I love Ellie in the peach dress. So cute. Alice is getting sooooo big! Sigh. Loves.

Kris said...

I love Alice's little suit - so adorable! I think that's reason #3 that I want at least one girl - just so I can buy those endlessly adorable swimming suits. I don't know what reasons #1 and 2 are, but swimming suits seemed a little artificial to list as #1 or 2. Love the stripes!