Friday, April 22, 2011

my 400th post

i can't believe this is my 400th post.
when i started this little blog over 4 years ago, it was an inconsistent log of my bizarre thoughts.
i was a newlywed (i consider married with no kids to be newlyweds even though we'd been married for 2 years...thoughts?).
i was in college.
and most of my world revolved around M.E.
since then, my thoughts have grown in bizarrity, but have become somewhat more consistent.
i've realized that the world is much bigger than ME, as i finished school, M finished school, our little family doubled in size,and we moved away to the wilderness (unfortunately not in that order).
i've loved sharing snapshots of my life with you, and documenting them for family and myself.
i've loved receiving your comments and uplifting words when i've been sad or frustrated or needed advice. and i've loved receiving your comments when i've been happy and excited about changes and big moments in my little family's lives.
i've appreciated the opportunity to rant and ramble on and on about life's silly things. and life's not-so-silly things.
and that so many of you have found me. and keep reading about me.
sometimes i wonder why.
because i'm just a big dork living in a circus with mismatched furniture, occasional burnt dinners, and crumbs on the floors and counters.
but truth-be-told, i'm just so darn grateful you're here.
and i'm so darn grateful to be a mormon mommy blogger person-- or whatever it is that people label me as.
because blogging makes me happy.
all of you make me happy.
and finding peace and joy is what this life is all about.
extra hugs and kisses to all of you.
i love you.

(hence the 'i love you' sign...which kind of looks mutant-ish, but in my defense, it's quite difficult to take a picture of yourself while doing sign language while trying to look half-cute).
oh, and happy Easter weekend.
hope you find lots and lots of eggs.



Jylaire said...

I love that I'm the first commentee on your 400th post! You are wonderful and I love being able to catch up on your life and seeing the your adorable, squishable little girls!!!

Ashley Myntti said...

I love you, Marci!! Happy 400th post!

Allie said...

Once upon a time I started a blog and wrote like maybe 4 posts. Since I think you are like 100 times cooler than me, it is only fitting that you are on your 400th post. Keep on blogging! I love it.

Megs said...

I've done 577 in about 3 years...and I can guarantee that is no accomplishment like yours. Because your 400 posts have all been good & worthwhile :) (mine...not so's embarrassing). You are great, love your blog. And yes, you're right - we are long lost BFF's. So you should move. ;)

Mike said...

I love your blog! And I'm so grateful that you have all of our craziness documented. It will be so fun to read it all back someday!