Saturday, February 12, 2011

love week: today's faves.

today i am loving:

these little cowgirl boots paired with blue BYU sweats and draped over my curvy thighs:

Jimmer Fredette, the studliest BYU basketball player ever to have lived.

my flip flops, of which i have worn almost every single day this week.

peanut m & m's, for obvious reasons.

getting valentines in the mail from my favorite people...some of which even included temporary tattoos. yes, i'm wearing that thing proudly. my only regret is that i didn't put it on my ankle.

Alice's laugh- which i heard for the first time this week and have been making a monkey-head out of myself ever since to try and get her to do it again, to no avail. regardless, after hearing that little giggle i am certain of two things: 1) it was the cutest thing i'd ever heard, and 2) somewhere this week a fairy was born. a fact i learned from the tinkerbell movies.

nail polish, for bringing hours of fun and beauty into this girly house.
the spring time blossoms i see popping out on random trees everywhere. i wish they tasted as delicious as they looked. (how does everything come back to being about food?)

the rocking chair i got when Ellie was born. it's my favorite piece of furniture in our to my comfy bed of course.

the views and sunsets here. we live in a very beautiful place.

our breakfast-for-dinner waffles that i am shamelessly cooking right now, solely because it was the easiest option. (dang it, we're back to food again).

hearing M and Ellie laugh and run around the house and outside.

and my awesome phone for being there with me to capture all of these moments.

i think thats all for today.

so much love in the air!


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