Monday, February 14, 2011

love week: i love you.

today i love all the people who love lil ole me.
my sweet, selfless mama...who i am slowly realizing sacrificed more for me than i'll ever understand.
my integritous, hard-working pops...who calls me frequently to check in...and who's head of curly hair strangely resembles mine.
my brother who made life fun growing up.
his wife who has become one of my closest friends.
my sister who is everything i'm not, from looks to insides, and yet we get along as best sisters should.
my friends, who are as colorful as the sunset in the sky tonight...and who fill my life with laughter and rich memories.
my inlaws (mom, dad & brothers) who fill in the gaps, help me realize what it's like to roll up my sleeves and get in the dirt...then roll up my sleeves some more and sew a little.
my girls, who make my world complete.
and especially my Valentine...who chose silly me 6 years ago...who is my best friend, the kindest hearted man in the world, and the man i love the mostest. 

thanks for loving me and my lil ole blog enough to stop by.
truth be told, i love you too.

and thus concludes my love week!
hope you felt a little extra love.



Ashley Myntti said...


Candace said...

oh marci! you and your blog and love week are my favs! you have such a way with words on top of having the cutest little family. i hope you and mike got to spend 5 together on valentines. xoxo

mere/tay(xoxo) said...

that picture of mike and ellie is by far my very favorite photo i've ever seen of your fam.
it's missing you and alice....but it just captures a moment so well...
aaaaaah, i love you!