Thursday, February 10, 2011

love week: i love sisters.

today i love sisters.

i love my own sister- who is 6 years younger than me, but 10 years cooler than me.

i love that she calls me all the time to tell me about her far-cooler-life-than-mine.
i love that we can laugh together.
i love that there is no one in the whole wide world that i am sillier with than her.
i love all of my childhood memories of her. she was the cutest little girl in the whole wide world.
i love that we can get ready together and sing every single word to every Taylor Swift song ever written.
i love that we are seeing Taylor Swift together this summer.
i love that she tells me her secrets.
and i love that i can tell her mine.
i love that Mimi sister of mine.

i also love that my little girls are sisters.
i feel like even if i fail miserably as a mom, i will have given them the greatest gift they could have ever been given by simply giving them each other as sisters.
i love that these sisters adore each other.
and they don't even play together yet.
or get into trouble together yet.
and they don't talk all night and tell each other their deepest secrets yet.
though Ellie does carry on full conversations with Alice. and she pretends that Alice responds, too.
i love that Alice never smiles bigger than she does for Ellie.
i love that Ellie is sure that everyone knows that she is her sister and no one else's.
and i love how Ellie loves to put her face reeealll close to Alice's- as if she's getting an extra tight nuzzle that way. i find them like this at least a dozen times a day.

seeing this kind of sisterly love does a mama's heart good, don't you think?

man, so much to love.
till tomorrow!



Rick said...

And they are adorable little sisters. We love them to pieces! Missing those little critters right now. Great post and enjoying your love week. Grandpa.

Kade & Jess said...

Your girls are so stinkin cute! It almost makes me want another one! I love reading about Mimi because I totally remember her miniature!

Jenny said...

those are the most precious pictures! i love alice's unsure face in the one in their red dresses.

britneyroark said...

Okay come on! You're making people without sisters feel sad. ;) I love my brother though!

Amber said...

Those kissy pictures are so cute that my heart hurt a little.

ClaysJenna said...

Sisters are amazing, aren't they :) Glad you have such a wonderful one!! And so glad your girls are sisters, too :) Those pictures are adorable! I love Alice's face all smooshed by E's in so many of them! Too dang cute!!!

angie said...

awww.... Your girls are SO cute!