Saturday, January 29, 2011

ellie knows the right way to eat a donut.

eat the top-frosted-sprinkley part until there is none left. if you get some of the cake parts in your bites, so be it. it's a necessary sacrifice you make in order to consume every bit of frosting and sprinkles.

and if you follow this process, just look at the joy you'll feel. it's priceless.

nothing beats a saturday morning in the local donut shop. how i love me some fresh powdered sugar donuts and chocolate bars.



Liz said...

Love it!

Dave, Cadance and Family said...

lol I love it she is so cute!! And I love Donuts :)

Linda said...

Twiners, Mama Marci and Princess Ellie. Sigh. Miss you all!

Jenny said...

we frequent that donut shop too!

Hey! It's Lauryn! said...

disneyland for the holidays sounds like a fact, disneyland anytime is pretty much a nightmare too, but we all still love to go! haha! looks like you guys had fun! i think i'll be out there end of february i'd love to see you guys! i'll hit you up!